Fantastical Outerspace

A Gimmicky Episode

Dungeon Masters Dig Giant Robots

The Party faced off against the Super Construct Constellation Kaiser in battle that raged throughout the Scrapthorn Valley town square.

The combined machine wielded terrible magical and mechanical forces, but The Party was ultimately able to bring the massive mechanism dowm.

In the wreckage, there was evidence that the Constellation Rangers had been piloting the machine directly, but whether they were destroyed in the explosion remained unknown.

Searching the garage in the valley square, The Other Party and Waldorf Mikaelson were trapped by an energy field that was easily destroyed from the outside.

It turns out that Waldorf was riding along in the Gearspark caravan to head towards the Nameless Temple, which he believed may have some connection to his missing brother.

According to his report, The Other Party was not attacked by the Constellation Rangers, but rather by some sort of massive psychic attack. Waldorf believed the originator of the attack was a human attempting to emulate a Mind Flayer, and that their power was being massively amplified in some way.

The whole scenario reminded The Party of their final confrontation with The Divers in Crossbones.

After obtaining the magical stone shard from The Other Party, the two groups parted ways.

After hearing from Melody that their hammership could be prepped for travel overnight, The Party suggested that the Gearspark workers also salvage what weapons they could from Constellation Kaiser, particularly a gattling spear-gun and a harpoon launcher from one of its’ arms.

The next day, The Party returned to the Banished Crescent to ensure that all was well on that island. In addition, they convinced the lord of that Demesnes to fund their efforts to craft culinary creations based on the state of the island.

They also learned that a patrol of Elven sailors had encountered evidence that a ship holding the powerful wind artifact from the Mariner’s Mausoleum had departed that region and sailed towards the top of the Prismatic Vortex.

With the future of the crescent looking bright, their initial foray into the art of baking was a rousing success.

Once they departed the isle, there was a far more foreboding omen, however, as the elemental energies at the bottom of the Prismatic Vortex began to churn more violently.

The party returned to the Mariner’s Mausoleum only to find the undead fleet almost entirely destroyed. Aboard the lead ship was the broken skeletal form of a man calling himself Doldrum Jack, the apparent Captain of the crew.

He weaved a tale of how his crew had gambled with their souls for the power to rule the winds. However, it seems that the Bloodsky Pirates had used The Party‘s boat chase scene to mount a surprise attack on the lead vessel, striking down the Captain’s first mate, who was apparently the nexus of the dark magics maintaining the undead crew.

The one who struck the blow was described as a knight with a single glowing eye, but the ‘men in red’ also made an appearance.

In the end, the still-living swashbucklers would pilfer an artifact known as the Wingstone and use it to empower their own vessel.

Paying their last respects, The Party set a course onward and upward towards an isle high in the center of the Prismatic Vortex near the entrance to the anomaly.

From a distance, the island seemed to hold a large temple or palace. However, drawing near to it resulted in a bombardment of homing bolts of elemental energy. A hasty retreat ensured minimal damage to the vessel, but the power of the island was apparent.

It appeared that the Bloodsky Pirates needed the Wingstone in order to evade this assault and counter-attack.

Returning to the Eyestorm Atoll, The Party caught word of rumors that the larger temple atop the island at the apex was tied to the Nameless Temple nearby, so they quickly moved to investigate.

Here they encountered the gnomish researcher Alston Winthrop III and his chief arcane research assistant Soveless Doubleday conversing with Waldorf Mikaelson about the peculiar ruins. However, it would ultimately be The Party that would puzzle out the mysteries of the temple and open the path to its’ innermost chambers.

Here they battled a massive artifact creature that only increased in tenacity as more and more pieces of it were destroyed. Eventually, at the heart of the ancient armor they uncovered a small orb-like construct that apparently contained the soul of Gimmelon Mikaelson.

It seemed that the ‘Gimmick King’ had completed his epic destiny to ascend to godhood, however, when he went to craft his own astral domain, there was a terrible planar catastrophe, and most of his divine power as well as most of his domain were put through a cosmic blender and destroyed.

The result of this catastrophe was none other than the Prismatic Vortex itself. While it still remains unknown as to whether this was simply due to Gimmelon Mikaelson’s inexperience as a newcomer to the deity business, or whether the domain was somehow sabotaged, a surprising amount of truth was uncovered.

With the aid of the isle’s former master, entering the Temple at the Apex should be no problem for our heroes, but what mysteries lie within?



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