Fantastical Outerspace

Battle with Kupola

Killroy Wasn't Here For This Event



Kupola splits into several miniature Kupolas for some reason.

Abba does some radical Kupola stomping.


Captain Gough Journal entry 13

Most regrettably, several companions fell victim to the archaic ether of the castle gardens after our stalwart captives retreated to the debatable safety of the castles front doors to await our signal. Or also companions. I forget who’s choice it was to bring them along on this campaign.

The invulnerable magic dog show and a bird with a hard-on for the Fibonacci spiral etched in a rock older than sin were my only backup. We made good time exploring after etching some tasteful blurbs about Ku-poo-la into the wall of the 2nd floor side wing library. Books with astrology as it’s focus were collected in a pile closest to all the dead drones previously scouring the place. I can’t tell if we’re first or last.

Throne room shows the instinct for survival. Ballista sits before the throne pointed at the door, several bolts were taken; Elemental powder can be loaded inside. Neat. Lush, gold encrusted jewels used to adorn the throne seats. The Royal bedchambers were discovered, a shelved puzzle of a locked diary acquired. I’m keeping it.

Giant toothpaste coloured thread envelops the peak of the castle, the source of some asshole’s burning ant fetish. it’s impenetrable. I don’t think we have the manpower to deal.

Wait ok yeah we had a sit down and firgured it out. Some zelda shit opened up the door, we just cycled the items and.. something about a compass… Why did I write this opening the door

OH GOD SO BRIGHT I can’t even see what I write down ok so giant kupola doing whats best for this planet much bigger picture dragons hiding in the sun shit what was that last bit about bahumat shit ok initiative

Kupola, as indifferent he is to plebian rabble rousers offensively conversing incoherantly, still has buttons to push. I’m hoping gaining his trust long enough to press it, dividing his form into 4 smaller runts, was enough to sting. A sting, driven with a point brought home by Abba jumping off the bosom of a shit-ton of drones’ ass drippings to add a fresh incorporeal dog dish to his kabob.

I mean he like, jumped off the side of the tower, and landed on Kupola, it was nuts. Bird screwed it up already, if he didn’t jump the little kupola clone would abscond. Nothing was going to pull him away from the religious finish.

Sounds like a .. devout society’s popular spray on moisturizer. Religious finish. Has like, little sparkles in the bottle or something. Oh hey the thread lost it’s magic. OH I GOT IT

Battle with Kupola

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