Fantastical Outerspace

Final Battle: Star Screm

Return of the Screm

After their righteous victory over the Mega-jerk Kupola who doesn’t understand anything; the party rests in the castle one last time before leaving the Silver City for good.

A flying vehicle of which Killroy assumed to be Starscrem’s fatter older brother flies around the city’s main castle and blows up the Angry Sun Cannon mounted on top. The Vehicle flies away to the nearby remains of a forest fire.

Killroy keeps the first watch and carefully try’s the study the flying vehicle’s intentions within the forest and discovers the same school of necromancy is being used on a large scale to summon large numbers of zombie animals.

However; Killroy is sure that the party can rest by the time the zombies arrive and lets them sleep for the danger that is to come.

The next morning, Killroy informs the party of the approaching zombie horde. Killroy and Abba set up additional barricades on the lower floors while the rest of the party prepare to escape through the aqueducts.

Starscrem pings Killroy’s sword as a means to track the party.
Party makes their way over to the water proccessing building where Starscrem eventually finds them and Churazy shit happens.

Carlyle teleports onto the ship and Abba slams it into the ground.

Killroy gets Sharidon and Holly to a safe location and intercepts the ship as it attempts to get back into the air.

Ship gets wrecked

Starscrem gets pooped on; then wrecked.

Party stops ship from self-destructing.



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