Fantastical Outerspace

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The Increasingly Absurd Ongoing Saga

Episode for 01-02-2010

Having shut down the facility known as The Foundry, our heroes flew with its’ creator, Waldorf Mikaelson back to Eyestorm Atoll and the Gearspark Complex.

Returning to the oft-chaotic campsite, the party finds Dr. Bunzinger and his crew at work assembling the arcane machinery that is to be their escape route from the anomalous vortex that has entrapped them.

After handing over two more components for this increasingly convoluted contraption, a number of intriguing new facts were uncovered:

  • The Hexelemental Drive will require a large and powerful vessel in order to function properly. The Astral Skiff that Melody assembled will not be sufficient.
  • Eliza believes the Vortex itself will cease to exist within a year’s time due to some cataclysmic event.
  • Symbols reminiscent of Waldorf‘s Brother’s work were seen in notes related to the Nameless Temple.

From there, our heroes headed out to an ominous portion of the vortex known as the Mariner’s Mausoleum, in search of additional magical power sources and salvageable vessels.

After making a stealthy approach, the party encountered a pair of once-jailed pirates from their distant past, who after making their escape, were seeking to prove themselves to new prospective employers.

While the party debated what to do with their old enemies, new nemeses made their appearance, as two squads of skeletal swashbucklers emerged from the mist, filled with sinister intent.

After cooperating to best the bony brigands, the two ex-prisoners made yet another escape by commandeering one of their assailants’ vessels and fleeing the scene.



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