Fantastical Outerspace

Shadow of the Comet-Fairy

Generosum Magi Domnall☆Magica

The next day, The Party departed from Layneworth and set off into the Unbounded Wildwood to the Northeast.

They followed the river towards the town of Eryn-Ost, until a group of drakes came stomping through the underbrush, looking for their next meal.

The Party met them in battle, with Killroy striking down the large Rage Drake leading the pack, while one of the spitting drakes was captured by the efforts of Carlyle and Rhasta.

With the once-thunderous lizards in retreat, The Party tracked the other spitting drake back to it’s nest, where they obtained several eggs.

With a massive scaly skin and three eggs in town, The Party arrived at the Elven outpost of Eryn-Ost. The local sheriff seemed suspicious of The Party, until Abba challenged him to a test of strength.

Layer, when they began discussing changes to the local government, he become suspicious of them yet again. However, they did pick up some rumors about a mysterious ‘comet fairy’, and the ‘rabbit lady’ at the library.

It was here that they inquired of Holly Marama, a Fey Warlock and former adventurer, about recent events. She explained that she believed that the ‘comet fairy’ that had been seen around town was a Fey patron of some sort, seeking to enter into a contract with a would-be warlock. She noted that it had last been seen near the home of Domnall Sheridan, an archaeologist.

After their knocks at the door went unanswered, The Party forced their way into Sheridan‘s home, and discovered the ’comet fairy’ waiting within, burning atop a table without consuming the maps beneath it.

It identified itself as Kupola, although The Party’s arcane investigations indicated that it was most likely some smaller aspect of the entity.

Kupola declared that it had helped Domnall Sheridan locate the lost silver city of Quenya Caras. It had done so by entering into a contract by which Sheridan had become a Steward of Xiphosura.

Abba identified this as the sinister work of his nemesis, but Gough and Killroy seemed interesting in determining just what sorts of powers Kupola could confer. However, holy powers drove Kupola from the home before they could discuss this further.

Looking over Sheridan’s notes, it was clear that a constantly shifting series of crossings to the Feywild had frustrated his efforts to locate Quenya Caras, and that Kupola had come to him in his desperation with a solution.

The Party retired to the inn, prepared to resume their adventures in the morning. However, Carlyle remained at Sheridan’s home, looking through his notes on the lost Silver City.

What unfolded was a long and ancient history of mighty nations of Elves and Dwarves who, seemingly uncharacteristically, sought to claim the continent for themselves, until an event known as the first Dragonstorm. Quenya Caras was apparently lost in this draconic conflict.

What caught Carlyle’s eye was that unusual ambitions of the King of the Silver City were credited in part due to his having consulted the stars on matters of civil order. It appeared that The Dome may have been responsible for the course of his ancient nation.

An hour past midnight, Carlyle returned to awaken the The Party and warn them of the dire implications of his findings.

They also awakened Holly to seek her knowledge given this new information. She consulted with her rabbit-like patron Isil, who agreed to aid The Party in trying to pursue Kupola to the Silver City.

As the group journeyed through the night, a terrible storm blew in from the sea to the south, making the journey even more harsh than usual. Eventually, they were able to navigate their way to the Fey crossings that hid the ancient city.

With Abba’s knowledge of Kupola‘s powers, Carlyle and Killroy’s magic, and Isil’s Fey powers, The Party was able to track Sheridan to a camp on the outskirts of the ruins of the Silver City.

Sheridan was in the midst of eating breakfast as The Party arrived. He did his best to remain polite, but it was clear that the differences between him and Abba could not be resolved peacefully.

Producing a small hemisphere that resembled the Emissary, Sheridan released his powers, ensnaring The Party in a strange labyrinth that seemed to reflect his own mind and desires.

The Party battled their way through the first floor of his bizarre construct before descending deeper within . . .



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