Fantastical Outerspace

Sheridan's Showdown

and the Maw of the Mine Cart

The Party ventured further into the altered space created by Domnall Sheridan, where they were attacked by a serpentine construct made of mine carts.

It began to burrow through the caverns as they clashed with it. Eventually, it would be ended by the return of Carlyle, who leapt from high atop the entrance to the mine shaft to come crashing down upon the creature. He would narrowly endure the dramatic maneuver, but the mine cart construct would not.

Further below, The Party confronted Sheridan himself, who had been granted some sort of magical formal wear by the mysterious powers of Xiphosura Kabuto.

Various members of the group sought to deceive and reason with Sheridan, eventually convincing him to summon some aspect of Kupola into the area.

The discussion confirmed that Sheridan’s powers as a Steward of Xiphosura had been granted by Kupola, and that this also obligated him to guard the entrance to Quenya Caras.

Kupola also offered a different perspective on the fate of the city, claiming that the uncharacteristically expansionistic empires that arose in ancient times were the result of the influence of Xiphosura Kabuto.

Furthermore, Kupola claimed that the first Dragonstorm was not the result of mortal greed, but instead the result of a spatial anomaly. When Xiphosura Kabuto attempted to manifest on this plane to make peace between the ancient nations, a rift opened to Tytherion, allowing Tiamat’s minions to plunder the gathered civilizations.

Kupola questioned why a place were the Far Realm was near also seemed to border Tytherion, since such an anomaly would usually result in a very different sort of terrible thing.

Kupola also stated that preventing another such incident was its’ goal in coming to Quenya Caras.

Eventually, negotiations broke down, and The Party did battle with Domnall Sheridan. After weakening him, Killroy sought to force Sheridan to yield, and seemed successful. However, his mystical tuxedo, formed from an otherworldly silk, continued to maintain a fighting stance after Sheridan had passed out.

It would not be long afterwords, that The Party would emerge from the altered space victorious.

A combination of medical science and Abba’s religious knowledge would be put into practice to free Sheridan from the creature that made him a Steward of Xiphosura, revealing much about the mechanics of this strange transformation.

After a brief reunion with Holly Marama, all parties involved settled in to use the camp for it’s intended purpose, getting some much-needed rest.



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