Fantastical Outerspace

Stop . . . Hammership

Skeletal plunderers find themselves plundered

Episode For 01-09-2010

After their first clash with a band of skeletal pirates in the Mariner’s Mausoleum, the party elects to head back to town to rest and recover. Before they departed, they received a cryptic message that warned of a mutual enemy gathering a large force in the mists ahead. However, the note also indicated that by defeating the one who supplied them with power, they could all be defeated.

The party headed back to the Shadegrasp Outpost on the Forlorn Rise. On the way, they noticed a number of small boats docked outside Shardmoon Castle, a place that seemed unlikely to attract visitors. Once in town, the party rested and obtained equipment and supplies.

Frye also took time to catch up with the people at the local church of the Raven Queen, where he learned from Phoebe Ingram that Serkan Dolan had demanded a rematch with Crescentia Hargrave after learning that his prior victory was illegitimate.

His second match did not go as planned, and the conditions of his loss demanded that he fill in as the guardian of the castle’s front gate until a permanent replacement for Petya Volkov could be hired.

Returning to the Mariner’s Mausoleum, the party investigated a number of derelict vessels before finding one they were able to reactivate. However, shortly after getting the vessel moving, a number of ships emerged from the mists, crewed by the same skeletal swashbucklers who beset them the day before.

While the adventurers attempted to engage them in naval combat, they were quickly outgunned and outmaneuvered by the superior numbers of the undead brigands. Executing a daring strategy, the party aligned the windows of the vessels and retreated blow decks. Using the secret powers of the Timespiltter sword, they teleported onto a neighboring vessel, and once the bulk of the pirate crew was on deck to board their previous ship, they sized control of the pilot’s room.

With the head start granted by their covert boarding operation and some well-placed shots at the enemy’s high-speed skiffs, the party was able to make their escape from the Mariner’s Mausoleum. However, the sounds of thunder echoing deeper within the mists may indicate that theirs was not the only conflict that occurred that day.



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