Fantastical Outerspace

The Silver City, Quenya Caras.

Transforming Ornothopter Men and Shadowjerks

The Party kidnap Domnall Sheridan & Holly Marama who must now explore the fabled “Silver City”; of which was not really made out of silver and was in fact infested with dome monstrosities much to The Party’s dismay.

After spending five hours attempting to communicate with a shrub, The Party began to search every nook & cranny of the city in search of valuable riches and magical items to aid them in their fight against Advocates of the Dome; but are later met with a fiery ambush as some slippery secret Shadowmen lead by the terrible transforming telepathic Cinderfall Starscrem got the drop on the group. One sassy Shadowmen snuck a surprising self-sacrificing strike upon Killroy’s sunsword; erasing all the data within it. The Party were trapped inside a burning building, but managed to fend off the arrogant aggressors just in time to escape their flaming fate through a nearby window and making Starscrem look like a fool in the process.



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