Fantastical Outerspace

This Battle is About to Explode

Increasingly Ridiculous Occurances

After awakening, The Party found themselves trapped in the basement of the Meteorite Fortress by a mysterious energy field. Their captors had little interest in conversation, and instead seemed content to abandon the party and depart the facility, leaving the device affixed to their cell to do its’ work.

Analyzing the fey decor of the cell, The Party seized upon a combination mirror and clock that they sensed had been magically altered. The odd device was analyzed, opened, and even broken before the truth of the matter could be sorted out.

Eventually, it was revealed that the altered device within the clock could enchant the mirror to reflect a world in which the field enclosing the cell was absent. While this didn’t alter the world for the person viewing it, eventually a magical attack was fired into one of the shards of the mirror, destroying the device that held the field in place.

The Party fled the cell only to find another danger awaiting them. A series of explosive charges had been planted on the central column of the Meteorite Fortress. It appeared that the fortress wasn’t merely being abandoned, it was being demolished.

The Party acted quickly to remove these devices from this central load-bearing point and place them in more desirable locations, like on the backup generator downstairs. However, they eventually began to forgo finding an alternate location in favor of simply heaving the bombs to a safe distance. However, these actions began to severely weaken the integrity of other parts of the facility.

A few explosives tossed into some volatile arcane research tables on the 3rd floor proved especially devastating. A dangerous situation in on the Second Floor was narrowly defused as Mowgli and Frye had differing assessments of the former’s skill at bomb disposal.

Later, Frye and Nikolai would have time to investigate a map room in on the 1st floor, which contained remains of Spiral Eclipse strategic deployments. A few Shadow Manta ships were seen at The Foundry and a large tower-like vessel was placed in the dead center of the map.

When everyone arrived at the top floor and the charges detonated, the Meteorite Fortress seemed to be groaning under its’ own weight.

The Party quickly extracted the Deeproot from the core and raced towards an exit [[:frye | Frye] ]had previously secured.

While the shell of the Meteorite Fortress remained largely intact, the structures within could be heard collapsing upon one another as The Party left the facility behind and set forth into the wilderness.

The party’s trek across the Banished Crescent was eerily quiet until the group made camp. In the late hours of the night, Vouivre noticed a moving region where the moonlight was slightly more intense. After rousing his friends, they discovered that this was actually a subtle searchlight shining down from a ship flying above.

The group returned to camp, intending to quickly pack up and get out of the way when voice called down from above.

A bizarre and enigmatic person who identified herself as the lady Tertia Quattrocchi inquired about The Party and their clashes with the Spiral Eclipse, asking specifically as to whether they hated “Razzy”, an apparent reference to Raziela the Shroud.

While she made no secret of the possibility that she and The Party could wind up on opposite sides in battle in the future, she insisted that she was always upfront and forward about her efforts at antagonism. Seeking to broker some sort of deal, she tossed a quiver of arrows to the party, requesting that one of the fighters use them when they inevitably clash with Raziela.

In exchange, she offered the services of a small but lavishly furnished ship that would ferry The Party back to the island of their choice. She also proclaimed her intention to visit Shardmoon Castle due to some of the amusing events that had transpired after The Other Party visited them.

After some hesitation, The Party boarded this vessel and flew back to Eyestorm Atoll, where they confused a few dockworkers before heading towards the Gearspark Complex.

Upon their arrival, Melody updated them on the status of their salvaged hammership and informed them of a mysterious letter that had been delivered in one of the barrels from Scrapthorn Valley.

According to the message, The Other Party and a caravan from the Gearspark Complex and been captured by a group of “Those that Survived”.

It seemed that the search for a cure for their friend’s condition had lead The Other Party to tag along with the caravan heading south to Catalina’s Asylum where some of the Gearspark Complex’s best medical minds were at work.

The Party then set forth towards Scrapthorn Valley, where their quest had begun.

Arriving in the valley, it they were but a few steps in when they came under attack by a truly bizarre set of assailants. An eccentric collection of survivors from the various groups that The Party defeated had apparently banded together to form a fighting force empowered by the magical forces of the stars.

While the equipment and antics of this group seemed comically absurd, their unique brand of teamwork still posed a serious threat. However, The Party was ultimately able to recover from the setbacks posed by this bizarre fighting force and achieve victory.

However, as each member of the opposing team fell, their strange armor released a flare of magical energy that erupted and flew off towards the south. It seemed clear that this odd enemy was somehow magically regrouping for a second attack.

After a brief period of rest and recovery, The Party headed south into the central square of Scrapthorn Valley. While the square was always filled with strange, broken-down machinery, this time was different. A collection of inoperative machines from throughout the Prismatic Vortex were laid out. Most of them were contraptions that The Party had bested in battle along their journey.

After another boastful shout from their oddball enemies, the assortment of machines rose slowly into the air and metamorphosed from broken shells to something more clearly threatening. Simultaneously, the collection of contraptions converged into an almost humanoid shape as their enemies revealed their ultimate weapon, the Super Construct Constellation Kaiser.



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