Fantastical Outerspace

We are Finally Cowboys

Also, baked goods

Episode For 01-16-2010

After their perilous escape from from the Mariner’s Mausoleum, The Party returned to the Gearspark Complex where preparations began to be made to fit the vessel with the Hexelemental Drive.

From there, they set off towards the Banished Crescent in search of further adventures. After requesting an audience with the local leadership, much of The Party spent time attempting to market baked goods based on the unique condition of the isle.

During their polling of the populace, they encountered a member of The Other Party, who Vouivre covertly tailed to a local temple to Ioun.

In the conversations that transpired, it was revealed that The Other Party had delved in to the Shrine of the Abyssal Maelstrom in an effort to rescue Shannon Coriander’s sister. While she was found, she was gravely ill as a result of the corrupted space that had torn through that dungeon.

Seeking a cure, they had apparently visited Shardmoon Castle and after learning about the true nature of the threat corrupting the Banished Crescent, they set off towards Eyestorm Atoll.

After the espionage and market research was complete, The Party met with an Eladrin man named Berrian Esgalelen, who had apparently been the lord of the Fey Demesnes that was accidentally banished. He seemed determined to continue with their New Year Celebration at the Ithilalda Fortress in spite of the danger facing the fortification.

The dead zone on the eastern side of the island was spreading from a suspicious meteorite. Furthermore, the zone was being artificially extended by bands of monstrous raiders who conducted hit-and-run strikes with burrowing magical devices.

Hoping to confront the cause of the island’s corruption directly, the party took flight in their skiff and sought to approach the impact crater from the air. Later they would encounter an artificial debris field that would prompt them to take a less direct route.

After inadvertently altering the enemy forces to their presence with an aborted landing attempt in the deadened forests outside the meteor crash site, The Party caught sight of the figure of a shadowy dragon departing from the suspicious meteorite.

After initially being thrown into disarray by the dragon’s ability to hide within spheres of darkness, the party eventually broke through the darkness with a combination of tactical positioning and clever use of magical items.

However, what would truly bring the beast down was a scheme by Menkal to lasso the dragon and restrain the worst of its’ powers.

Nevertheless, the soul-corroding breath of the monster was sufficient to leave the party drained and weary, prompting them to take wing before reinforcements could arrive.

Returning to the town known as the Silme Cirith, they planned to rest and plot a new course in the morning.



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