An elf who wields two swords.


Class: Fighter Size: Medium Age: 23 Gender: Male Height: 5’6” Weight: 145 lb. Alignment: Unaligned Deity: Erathis Background: Myth Drannor This ancient elven kingdom was once the foremost power north of the Sea of Fallen Stars before it fell into darkness seven centuries ago. It remained a monster-haunted ruin for hundreds of years until the sun and moon elves reclaimed the kingdom shortly before the Year of Blue Fire. Myth Drannor has flourished since its refounding. Once per encounter, you can reroll a failed saving throw against a charm effect.

Weapons Enchanted Space-Warp Scimitar

Fancy Cutlass (Scimitar) +2 Chain Reach Weapon Powers/Specials/Features Once a day, the wielder may twist the shaft of the blade, invoking an internal mechanical power to increase the size of the blade without weighting the sword for one attack. Perform a melee basic against a target up to 5 squares away.

Powers At-Will Powers: Combat Challenge Reaping Strike Dual Strike

Encounter Powers: Elven Accuracy Spinning Sweep Hesitation Slash Come and Get It

Daily Powers: Harrier’s Ploy Rain of Steel

Utility Powers: Pass Forward (At-Will) Settling the Score (Daily)



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