Fantastical Outerspace

Express Delivery
Rocks fall, party mostly ok

Meanwhile, off in another corner of the Fantastical Outerspace Universe, another party of adventurers were walking a well-traveled road.

From the southern town of Port Minali, they ventured north past the mountain range known as the Titan’s Rise. Along the way, they were about to pass a mail courier on horseback when the delivery man was struck from his steed by a sniper’s bolt.

A band of suspiciously well-organized goblins was hiding in the foothills of the mountains. After attempts to negotiate for the contents of the mail bag broke down, the party moved to engage the goblins.

Among the attackers was a sniper armed with an unusually large and complex crossbow, but this did little to halt the advance of the party, as they soon forced their enemies into retreat. A heated pursuit lead them further up into the mountains, past their camp and into a cave, where some explosive traps awaited them.

One of these traps nearly isolated Bulavoda in a clearing with another goblin group and some trained wolves, but with the aid of his allies, he was able to climb back through the rubble and escape.

With this, the party departed the Titan’s Rise and headed further north, with a handful of stolen letters offering hints as to the sorts of adventures that may await.

Undercity Under Siege
Also a Mantis with a barrel

The next morning, mind-scrambling waves of magical force tore through the Hubgear Undercity, causing The Party to awaken in a daze.

Venturing out of the inn, they discovered that the ordinary citizens who had been suffering from drug-induced space madness were now in the thrall of strange, destructive forces.

What seemed to be giant humanoid shapes made of some mysterious energy projected away from them, and these strange projections were on a rampage throughout the Undercity.

The Party along with a new ally, fought back against the mysterious foes until eventually, the anomalous attackers vanished as suddenly as they had appeared.

Police and firefighters were arriving on the scene as the battle drew to a close . . .

Gates & Gnomeland
An error of comedies

The Party set a course for the Arbelastas Heliotrope Gate, and upon arrival, they turned their attentions to the gate itself.

Seeking more information, The Party broke into the maintenance section of the gate and ran agitated the automated defenses within.

However, some swift magical hacking by Zephyr brings the hostilities to a close. Some quick thinking by Kel also lead them to edit the data to remove evidence of their intrusion. Looking through the records of the station, Mowgli also spotted more disguised Shardminds aboard a Heliotrope Road maintenance ship.

From there, The Party set a course for Hubgear, capital of the Tinkerer’s Commonwealth. Maneuvering through the hectic skies over the mechanize metropolis, the Party Ship makes a landing largely without incident.

At the docks, The Party received a strange letter that stated that nothing suspicious was going on in the city and that they shouldn’t investigate. From the tone and specificity, it seemed likely that something suspicious was indeed afoot.

At this point, The Party decided to go locate and perform at a comedy club. After navigating the labyrinthine city, they located the Automated Improv and attempt to get on stage. Their efforts to conquer the stage eventually lead to the citizens fleeing the club as the local authorities, the Hubgear Interlock were called.

With the police in hot pursuit, The Party fled into the Hubgear underground, eventually losing them in one of the many side-passages along the way.

Along the way, The Party took the time to investigate a citizen afflicted with some sort of space madness resulting from the abuse of some extra-dimensional chemicals. It was a situation very reminiscent of the events that occurred in Crossbones. After Mowgli Bearson was repeatedly stabbed, he rendered the man unconscious so that Zephyr could heal him.

Further in, The Party saw an abandoned pump station that was suspiciously well-guarded and they approached the men outside it. However, the only conflicts that ensued were within The Party.

Later still, The Party would go shopping for disguises before turning in for the night.

Eye Versus Eye
Thinking and also Portals

The Party at last arrived back at the Portal Academy, with Gimmelon Mikaelson in tow.

Several old allies from the Gearspark Complex, including Melody and Doctor Bunzinger were on hand to greet The Party, along with Nilima Merritt.

Once the friendly exchanges were complete, Ione Hearn was eager to talk business. Ione is surprised to learn of the the transforming Shardminds, but believes them to be a organized group of shard slayers, a Shardmind sect often devoted to Vecna. The mention of the maimed god prompts The Party to reveal his eye prompting shock and horror from Ione, who fears the consequences of the eye seeing her meeting with The Party.

After seeing to it that the eye is placed in an extra-dimensional space, she then is forced to reveal her true occupation to The Party. After opening secret passages within secret passages, Ione leads The Party to a hidden portion of the academy, a training facility and headquarters of the Black Eyes, a sect of Ioun’s followers devoted to counter-intelligence.

Ione also took time to provide what information she possessed about the ongoing rivalry between Raziela and Tertia. Together with The Party, they attempt to piece together the connections between the Shardminds, Raziela, Danaus, Gimmelon Mikaelson, and Ione’s old suspicions about corruption within Heliotrope Road Inc. However, the mysteries remain largely unsolved, with the exception of where the information stolen from Gimmelon was being sent.

However, Nilima soon interrupts their meeting with news that a hostile group of ships is approaching the school, prompting The Party to leap into action.

The ships apparently belong to a mercenary squad known as the Steel Blitz. With multiple transport vessels, hovering mount-vehicles, and a sizable battleship, they moved in to lay siege to the Portal Academy. However, The Party and their Ship were battle-ready with their new acidic torpedoes.

The Portal Academy was also able to defend itself with space-warping magic, forming defensive portals that reflected enemy fire back towards their battleship.

The battle concluded with a climactic firing of the Party Ship’s main gun, sinking the enemy battleship and saving the Academy.

With the battle won, a new course was set for the receiving end of Gimmelon‘s transmission, the Arbalestas Heliotrope Gate in the Tinkerer’s Commonwealth.

Gate Crashers
And the actual Steel Predator episode

The Party put the firepower of the Party Ship into action to ensure that their Shardmind attackers from the previous battle did not escape space justice before returning to the Marut Heliotrope Gate to rescue Gimmelon Mikaelson.

Once liberated from the machinery that kept him in stasis, a bewildered Gimmelon Mikaelson was surprised by the new additions to The Party, but still very thankful for his rescue.

Upon returning to the Party Ship, things seemed largely secure, with the exception of their Iron Bulwark prisoner, who was killed by the crystalline intruder.

At this point, the Party Ship, heads towards the Ettinis Heliotrope Gate and the Portal Academy.

However, shortly after exiting the gate, they receive a distress signal, and this is when this incident actually happens.

In return for aiding the Empyrean Confederation military, The Party obtained some new weaponry for the Party Ship.

Arcane Constructs in Disguise
More than Meets the Eye of Vecna

The Party departed the Epsilon Marut system and prepared to return home. However, when they arrived at the Marut Heliotrope Gate, something was amiss.

The maintenance hatch of the gate was open, and it appeared to be docked with an invisible ship. After a bit of debate, The Party destroyed the bridge of the hidden vessel and boarded the remains, leaving their shardmind guest, Officer Hunzu, to watch the ship.

What little information could be gathered from the un-damaged systems of the ship revealed that it had also departed from Epsilon Marut, but that it’s previous destinations had been intentionally erased.

Within the ship, they discovered some sort of steampunk motorcycles, as well as other vehicles and supplies that appeared to have been stolen from the Iron Bulwark. The Party secured the bike-like vehicles and moved them to the Party Ship before continuing to loot and explore the vessel.

A maintenance construct from the gate encountered The Party and attempted to brief them on the situation. It seemed to believe that The Party was stranded and in need of help. The construct did not believe that the gate had been tampered with, but when The Party ventured inside the gate, they found Gimmelon Mikaelson, trapped within a mysterious machine.

The construct soon realized that its’ systems were being tampered with to hide this development, and that the gate was in danger. Meanwhile, The Party determined that the device Gimmelon was trapped in was being used to interrogate him and transmit the resulting data across the galaxy.

It was then that they received a message from Officer Hunzu that an intruder was aboard the Party Ship! After preparing for battle, the intruder revealed itself to be one of the capture motorcycles, or so it seemed. As a drilling contraption behind The Party whirred into action without an operator, it appeared that unmanned machinery had laid a trap for them.

Once battle against these machines was waged for a few turns, the enemies revealed their true nature. They were, in fact, enemy Shardminds, who wore specialized armor that allowed them to disguise as, and function as machines. They had apparently gained enough mastery over their own forms to freely shift between these different shapes.

Despite their various tricks and tactics, the crystalline combatants were unable to gain the upper hand over The Party, and they were forced into retreat. A relentless pursuit by The Party ensured that they could neither run nor hide.

Eventually, they even schemed to destroy their own ship in an effort to destroy the Party Ship, however, deft use of a tractor beam was able to prevent disaster from befalling the Party Ship or the Heliotrope Gate.

Killing Roof
Guitar riff forever

The Party had apparently be tricked. Gimmelon Mikaelson was not anywhere to be found in the mansion.

It was time to make their escape, so The Party took the two prisoners to the roof of the mansion and prepared to make their stand.

Shortly after the signal was launched, hordes of increasingly hostile undead streamed towards the mansion. The Party and the captives fought fiercely to defend their rooftop from the oncoming waves of monsters. Eventually, Tertia’s space-limo would arrive to provide an escape, just as The Party struck down a zombified dragon that had swooped down from the darkness.

Once safely aboard, Tertia and The Party each de-briefed each other on the nature of their missions. During this exchange, Tertia revealed to The Party that Veaceslav’s false eye was, in fact, the Eye of Vecna himself, a revelation that she, herself was horrified by.

It was then determined that this was the small, spherical object of divine power that acted as a decoy while Gimmelon Mikaelson was taken elsewhere.

Tertia also determined that the Shardmind kidnappers and Raziela were involved with a group known as Danaus, a secretive criminal organization from the Fey Realms known primarily for trafficking in forbidden artifacts.

Digital Monster
And the zombie planet jailbreak

The defeat of Veaceslav Dalca opened the way into the secret basement of the mansion. Despite their victories, the illusory body of Eris 6 continued to mock The Party as they delved deeper into the manor.

Along the way, they rescued two prisoners, an intelligence officer of the Iron Bulwark, and a law enforcement officer of the Empyrean Confederation.

Proceeding deeper down, The Party at last encountered the source of Eris 6‘s influence on the planet. Drawing them into combat in a bizarre distorted space, she continued to taunt them, declaring that the construct they were engaged with was merely a ’node’ and that her true self was stored far away.

Eris 6 attacked the party by materializing constructs based data collected during past battles. Her illusory allies included the likenesses of Raziela, Tertia, C Aysun and even the armored suit used by Melody Bunzinger during the assault on the Death Spiral Machine.

Eventually, the node would be destroyed, but Eris 6 seemed satisfied that The Party had already fallen for her greatest ruse.

Worst Dracula Ever
With special guests ERIS 6 and the Eye of Vecna

The Party began to explore the suitably creepy Mansion, encountering illusions, riddles, and impossible space, all watched over by mysterious ladies bearing the same four initials.

Solving the riddles did not seem to aid The Party in any way, instead it only served to ensnare them in traps laid by Veaceslav Dalca, the vampire lord of the house. After repeat encounters with the undead antagonist, Zephyr performed some crucial pattern recognition that allowed veteran members of The Party to deduce the true culprit behind the madness, an arcane construct in the vein of Iris Four called ERIS 6.

A painting of Raziela in the library also gave some credence to the notion that the same forces responsible for Iris Four were at work here.

Eventually, The Party overcame the various traps and illusions and fought their way to the center of the Mansion to confront Veaceslav and Eris. Despite a great deal of dramatic buildup, Veaceslav was largely ineffectual in combat, and he was easily bested by The Party. As the battle drew to a close, he cried out to some higher power and was suddenly reduced to dust, save for one of his eyes, which was apparently not his own.

Fantastical Dead Space
The Months-Long Halloween Special

Sometime later, The Party received an urgent message from the Portal Academy. The message stated that a mysterious group of Shardminds had kidnapped Gimmelon Mikaelson, taking him to a dead planet on the outskirts of the Empyrean Confederation.

The Party then set a course for the world and locked-on to a faint source of divine energy somewhere on the desolate planet. They discovered a large mansion amidst the ruins of a town and set off towards it.

Along the way, the presence of their life-energy roused an undead behemoth from its’ slumber, causing it to rise and crush The Party‘s shuttle craft before attempting to devour them. As the battle began, a mysterious but familiar ship flew over the scene. The Party proceeded to slay the monster before the vessel could offer any combat assistance, but the ship’s passenger found other ways to offer aid.

That passenger was Tertia Quattrocchi, who was puzzled as to why The Party had come to this world, questioning them as to whether they were Black Eyes. Tertia seemed to allude to the possibility that her presence here was due to her ongoing conflict with Raziela, and she provided the party with a device that would notify her driver to arrive and rescue them. However, the device would also most likely attract the attention of the hordes of undead resting nearby.

The Party resolved to use the device after their mission was complete, and they pressed on into the Mansion.


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