Fantastical Outerspace

Enemy Unknown
Preadator Vs Digimon


At some point there was an episode in which The Party rescued a defector from the Iron Bulwark and several Empyrean Confederation troops from a Steel Predator, a Xenomorph-like creature conjured by followers of Bane. I do not recall when that was, but since I already had the Bulwark Tank graphics when this occurs, it was most likely after the commando mission quest arc.

Either way, The Party rescued the troops and defeated the monster, despite it being crazy high level.

. . . but with Mind Flayers instead of Mars People

The Party at last arrives at the camp of the Iron Bulwark’s General Bradley Sutton, who mobilizes a huge battle machine, riding on the rails of the old mining complex.

It rains down destruction on The Party, but they are eventually able to damage it enough to force the General to open up the hatch and observe his targets first-hand. Swiftly thereafter, Vouivre seizes the opportunity to seize the enemy commander in his arcane grip, dragging him from the contraption.

Sutton doesn’t seem to be a threat on his own, until he produces a sinister scrap of metal, similar to the one brandished by Xavier Moreno in this episode. However, just as it seemed the villain was about to reveal his true form, Sutton was suddenly imprisoned by Doctor Latimanus.

The imprisonment soon turned to abduction, thanks to the sudden appearance of an Illithid ship, hovering overhead. It first turned its’ weapons on Sutton’s battle machine, before moving to menace The Party.

Feeling ill-equipped to take on a starship hand-to-hand, The Party retreated deeper into the mines, eventually boarding a set of mine carts, which sent them racing through a network of caverns on the far side of the fortress.

Eventually, they emerged on a landing pad for airships, where they encountered a strange, experimental battle tank and yet more troops of the Iron Bulwark. However, before the remains of the enemy troops could overrun The Party, Cassandra Burning and her squad swept in in their own aerial transport to provide cover for The Party’s escape.

Going off the Rails

The Party disguised themselves as members of the Iron Bulwark and rode the train all the way to their fort, bypassing the majority of its’ defenses. Once inside, they maintained their cover for as long as possible before springing a surprise attack on an unsuspecting crew of back-door guards and mechanics.

Much of the engineering crew attempted to flee the scene, while the remaining Iron Bulwark troops attempted to mount up various vehicles to fend off The Party, but they were unable to mount any serious resistance to their attackers.

The Party then headed North into a mining complex, where it was suspected that the leader of the Invasion had made his camp. Another squad of Iron Bulwark troops were engaged, but their own stockpiles of ammunition allowed The Party to demolish their defenses and their strange, steampunk jeeps.

An elite commando tried to hold the line on a nearby bridge, using a multi-function weapon of considerable power. However, the combined might of The Party proved too much for him, causing him to fall from the bridge into the river rapids below.

Raiders for Hire
Tanks have nothing on Mayors and Molotovs

Back at the Fortress of the Open Sky, The Party looks around the capital for further adventures to undertake.

Eventually, they meet up with the military branch of the Empyrean Confederation, and a special forces officer by the name of Cassandra Burning, who offers them a mission to help liberate a world that has fallen under the control of the Iron Bulwark.

The world in question had already developed steam technology, and railroads were crucial to the lives of the people on that planet.

The Party‘s plan involved working together with the people of a small town to ambush and hijack a train being used by the Iron Bulwark. The train would then be used to gain access to one of the Iron Bulwark’s primary fortifications on the world.

The ambush resulted in surprises for both sides, but The Party would emerge victorious, due in part to a scheme in which Kel Molaes and the town’s Mayor opened the hatch of a tank and tossed in some fluids of a flammable sort.

Black Hole Bounty
Maw and Unfiltered

NOTE: The next few entries will be brief placeholders for episodes of years past, and might not correspond with actual episode numbers. With that said, here is some information.

Departing their Ship, The Party did battle with the assortment of otherworldly horrors that had infested the colony on Eta Banshrae. Eventually, they battled their way into the heart of a wrecked vessel and confronted its’ corrupted captain, who fought them alongside a creature known as a Maw of Acamar.

Despite the intense, space-rending powers of the entity, they were eventually able to destroy the various monsters and subdue the altered naval officer, returning him to a secure medical wing of the EmCom back at the capital.

Mister Sinistar
and Foul play on Eta Banshrae

Fragments of the dead star of Acamar fell upon the deck of the Ship, springing to life as writhing creatures of cosmic hunger. The Party rushed out onto their own deck to drive these abominations from their hull, and after struggling to expunge a teleporting tentacled beast, they were eventually victorious.

With the previous failures in the engine room overcome, the Ship raced away from the interstellar darkness and set a course for Eta Banshrae.

Landing at the site of a former EmCom colony, they found the Eastern half of the town devastated by a massive spatial implosion, and an EmCom Navy ship was crash-landed in the heart of the anomaly.

Upon hearing a melancholy song emanating from the town square, The Party entered the settlement in search of survivors. However, the only remaining inhabitants of the outpost were horribly corrupted by the spatial anomaly, giving rise to a band of foulspawn assailants who engaged the party in a clash in the town square.

After overcoming space-warping musicians, face-stealing horrors, and just plain old hulking monstrosities, The Party proceeded onward towards ground zero.

After carefully examine the ruined structures surrounding the wrecked ship, The Party spotted yet more horrible creatures lying in wait, and elected to return to their Ship to rest and regroup.

Meandering Exposition
Then we fight some sacks of grain

The Party and Tordek Skyforge arrive at the Fortress of the Open Sky and report the sinister goings-on at the Pioneer 14 Research Station to the proper authorities.

Then, the group travels to the headquarters of Heliotrope Road Inc and winds up in a meeting with Adelmar Schermer, the Corporation’s head of security.

Unable to satisfy his curiosity as to what was going on aboard the Station and why The Party was involved, he soon moves to escort them from the premises.

The Party later returns to the central offices of law enforcement as Kel Molaes leads his friends in an examination of the bounties posted by the Empyrean Confederation Police.

Eventually, The Party encounters Gimmelon and Waldorf Mikaelson at the docks with their new Ship.

After conferring with Ione Hearn about the assorted unsolved mysteries of Space, The Party sets a course for Eta Banshrae and the dead star of Acamar, where reports indicated that a rogue battleship captain had crashed a space-time warping meteorite into a local colony.

The resemblance to the incident on the Banished Crescent prompted The Party into action.

Along the way, The Party passed a derelict vessel that had apparently run out of fuel. Tugging it to a nearby station, they met with the local authorities and began an investigation of the ship.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a cargo ship carrying foodstuffs from the enchanted agricultural centers of the League of the Fey Realms to a less agrarian outpost in the Sovereignty of the Forge.

However, something had gone wrong. Some sort of hostile spirits had apparently possessed the crops and the implements used in their harvest, and these belligerent entires were quick to cobble together scarecrow-like bodies of sacks, grain, and sickle blades and assault The Party.

However, the bewitched burlap was quickly dispatched by The Party’s combat prowess and the haunted vessel was rendered safe for travel once again.

With this incident wrapped up, The Party set a course for the dead star of Acamar, hoping that answers could be found with the black hole-like anomaly.

However, it seemed that all that they found waiting on Acamar was an endless, un-natural hunger. Their attempts to combat the manifestations of the void only seemed to provoke the spawn of the star into a ravenous pursuit of their vessel.

As a few fragments of the inter-stellar darkness drew near to the Ship, the curtain fell on this episode.

Escape from Bulwark Bay
. . . OR "Hungry hungry Uber Hulk"

The Illithid raid leader, later revealed as one Doctor Latimanus made his exit, but not before ordering his assorted underlings to descend on The Party.

A fearsome Umber Hulk, the creature most likely responsible for tunneling in to the Station, seized Zephyr, but his regenerative powers fended off the creature’s maw long enough for his allies to lay waste to the other attackers. Once he broke free, the massive insect-like creature made its’ retreat through the floor.

Once the battle drew to a close, The Party was able to communicate with Tordek to determine that several ships had entered the system. While one was clearly a stealth vessel seeking to retrieve Doctor Latimanus, the others appeared to be scouts from an independent militaristic faction known as the Iron Bulwark.

The Party sought to quickly explore the remainder of the facility, but the impending landing of the Iron Bulwark’s ships cast an air of tension over the investigations. They soon returned to the docks only to find that troops had already landed on the station and discovered their vessel.

The Party first sought to diplomatically engage the newcomers, but the suspicious circumstances surrounding their presence on the facility made it obvious that the Bulwark Troopers would not let them pass unaccosted.

A surprise attack by Vouivre and the lunar-themed might of Zephyr swiftly routed most of the regular troops, but a hardened handful of specialists continued to hinder The Party until everyone was able to rush aboard the ship and make their exit from the Station.

With the head start over their pursuers, Tordek and The Party were able to escape the system and set a course for the Remor Heliotrope Gate.

Along the way, they made contact with Ione Hearn and discovered that while they had escape a number of harrowing threats, they were no closer to determining whether forces within Heliotrope Road Inc were tied to the Spiral Eclipse.

The Party then set a course for the Fortress of the Open Sky the capital of the Empyrean Confederation, where they planned to obtain their own Ship

Meeting of the Minds
One of these days . . . MILKSHAKE! BOOM!

Assaulted by a pair of strange arcane constructs and the two brutal blind creatures who activated them, The Party forced the mechanized foes into a choke-point and wore down their capacity for destruction until none were left standing.

After the dust settled, Mowgli Bearson re-introduced himself to the new arrivals, causing an assortment of shenanigans to ensue. Meanwhile, Zephyr’s analysis of the fallen machines seemed to indicate evidence of elemental binding magic dealing with some unknown type of elemental creature.

Proceeding to the floor above, a large display of Sub-Astral ship models and data was present. However, the model that drew the most attention was one that was laid out in front of the stairway leading to the next level. It was marked with another conspicuous note and a barrier of caution tape indicating that the small model had been invaded by horrible aliens.

While Menkal and Kel pondered this the rest of The Party investigated a nearby lab that had been the victim of further violence. It appeared that before meeting his end, one of the researchers had activated a device that banished the summoned contents of the nearby containers back to another plane.

While this investigation continued, Menkal pushed aside the tape and drew nearer to the model ship, only to find that a horde of tiny alien creatures actually did reside within.

A swarm of insect-like aberrations poured from the model vessel and began to turn their sting on anyone nearby. What was worse was that they appeared to be twisting space in order to steadily increase the size of their force.

Fortunately, a few flasks of flammable fluids and some support from the rest of The Party proved sufficient to end the miniature invasion.

When the flames died down, The Party heard voices coming from the floor above and moved quickly and quietly to investigate them.

More of the brutish blind humanoids could be seen on the floor above, rummaging through a host of files and documents and delivering them to their apparent leader, a somewhat off-kilter Illithid who seemed frustrated at the lack of any records of horrible accidents occurring on the station.

The Party was wary of the risks in combating such a creature. However, they also did not want to risk allowing the apparent mastermind of the attack to escape.

Eventually, Khal’Ydra came up with a daring scheme. He confronted the Mind Flayer, threatening to satisfy his desire for chaos by destroying the entire station.

His Illithid adversary was initially skeptical of his claims, but when confronted with Khal’Ydra’s further declarations began to suspect that his threats might be genuine. He inquired as to whether Khal’Ydra was secretly working for Heliotrope under someone with the code-name of Thunderwave.

However, when put under further pressure, Khal’Ydra and The Party seemed to falter in determining exactly what it was they were demanding of their enemy, and the negotiations swiftly broke down.

The rest of The Party emerged and attempted to escalate the conflict, but after a brief exchange with Mowgli, the enemy leader decided that the minds before him were not healthy for consumption, and he elected to depart before additional guests arrived.

Kel attempted to halt is departure with BULLETS, but he was unable to land a hit. With that, a new round of combat had ensued . . .

Keep on Truckin'
A Pickup, a Shardmind, and You

Outer Space Century 105.08.01

Several months have passed since the liberation of the Prismatic Vortex.

While The Party was never able to deliver the message and research materials from their Professor friend back home, he still received a reply from the strange dimensional location known as the Portal Academy.

Within this message was a request from the Academy’s apparent Dean, Ione Hearn, who wished to speak with any members who were interested about an unusual finding in her study of the Prismatic Vortex incident.

In response, Menkal, Vouivre, and Mowgli departed from their homeworld of Morad in the Zeta Rundaron system on a re-routed Sub-Astral vessel to travel to the proposed meeting place, a refueling station in a system called Delta Remor.

It was here, at a sort of fantastical inter-planetary truck stop, that The Party met up with Kel Molaes, a friend of Nikolai Kislokov and a highly skilled but practically inexperienced fellow called Zephyr.

Eventually, The Party would be sought out by Nilima, an assistant of Ione Hearn who offered to lead them to her ship for a private meeting. Despite some suspicion, the party agreed to meet with the eccentric academic.

Ione explained that, after taking Dr. Bunzinger and Melody into her employ, she had the opportunity to study some of the information gathered within the Death Spiral Machine. She seemed very worried that the design of the Spiral Eclipse hardware resembled that of deep space exploration vessels developed by Heliotrope Road Inc, a space-travel business that she had spent many years running before retiring to her current academic post.

Fearing that someone within her old company may have been funding and supporting the Spiral Eclipse, she had conducted an investigation and discovered an exploration outpost that, according to official records, was offline, but that was still receiving shipments of supplies.

As the galaxy’s only experts on the sinister schemes of the Spiral Eclipse, she hoped to hire The Party to investigate this mystery.

To aid them in their mission, she sought to provide a skilled psion to help provide faster-than-light communications across the stars. The new ally who presented himself was a mysterious figure called Khal’Ydra, who seemed to have his own missions he wished to pursue.

With the team assembled, Ione informed them that a ship that was more or less a supply truck would be stopping by on the way to the phantom station, and that the driver, Tordek Skyforge was more than willing to help The Party reach their destination.

Boarding Tordek’s truck, they set off for Eta Fomoran, where the Pioneer 14 Research Station was in orbit.

On their way there, they discovered an incomplete exploration vessel drifting silently away from the station. The tragic fate of the crew seemed to indicate a complete life support failure as a result of launching an untested ship.

Landing on the station, the artificial satellite seemed abandoned. Exploring deeper within, The Party found evidence of a battle. Six Heliotrope security guards had been killed and something had tunneled up into the room from the asteroid-like rock beneath the station.

Upon closer inspection, the tunnel appeared to lead into open space at the station’s bottom.

A room nearby appeared to be intended to store weapons and armor, but the invaders had apparently ransacked it for anything of value.

The door leading deeper within was sealed with a bizarre locking mechanism that appears to have been designed to play cruel pranks upon any who seek entry. After it mocked The Party’s lock-picking efforts with combustible confetti, a brute force method was deployed.

With the door broken down, The Party saw a pair of monstrous individuals tearing parts from a pair of large arcane constructs. It looked like a battle was about to ensue . . .


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