Fantastical Outerspace

Season 1 Epilogue

This post is here to list things that happened between the seasons.

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Upward Spiral Part 2
See you Space Cowboy...

On the floor above the Information Center, the The Party encountered Akutan the Cannonade and Everard the Rampart guarding the Tactical Control level.

Without any troops to command (or hide behind), the duo instead relied on traps and other guerrilla tactics to hold their own against The Party.

Ultimately, though, Akutan was banished back to her home plane and Everard used his last bit of strategic planning to broker a last-second cease-fire, netting The Party another victory.

Proceeding further towards the top of the Death Spiral Machine, The Party received an ominous, if somewhat confusing message from Rajender the Maelstrom, declaring his intent to re-write the rules of time and space through some arcane means.

Undaunted by his strange rantings, The Party reached the drive citadel at the top floor of the towering ship and confronted Rajender, who after exhausting his reserve of villainous monologues, deployed the Divine Mechanoid Vortemplar.

After a hard-fought battle against Vortemplar, The Party felled the machine only to have Rajender emerge from within, wrapped in a strange aura that seemed to have a life of its’ own.

Nikolai Kislokov watched the battle-worn Rajender carefully for the moment to strike, and when the opportunity presented itself, he charged in to deliver the final blow that would cause the strange energies around the mysterious figure to consume his form, erasing him from existence . . . or so it appeared.

As the Death Spiral Machine began to collapse, The Party quickly raided a treasure vault and then began to rush downstairs when the distorted form of the broken Vortemplar broke through a hole in reality and began to desperate claw its’ way towards them, crying out in a twisted rendition of Rajender’s voice.

After driving the corrupted construct from the edge of the platform upon which they traveled, The Party descended to the Tactical Control floor, which was already being consumed by space-time distortion. Out of one of these anomalies, the horrendous form of the Vortemplar emerged again, in a desperate last bid to attack The Party, but before it could strike, The Party‘s own vessel tunneled through the distorted exterior of the tower tore its’ way into the room, crushing the magitechnological horror.

The Party scrambled aboard the vessel and raced out of the collapsing tower, sailing out into the open sky as the Prismatic Vortex gave way to the serene surface of the Astral Sea.

Upward Spiral Part 1
Life's a banjo, then you die

Free once more to mount their attack on the Death Spiral Machine, The Party emerges behind enemy lines from the core of the information center, making quick work of the largely unprepared researchers and scholars of the Spiral Eclipse.

After gathering some intel on the sinister plots the organization had in store for the world, they proceeded onward and ran into a far more well-prepared set of combatants.

Varis the Blight and Raziela the Shroud confronted The Party at the top of the information center and challenged them to a final showdown.

While at first it seemed that The Party might quickly dispatch Raziela. Menkal lashed out with a mighty sequence of strikes and Frye landed one of Tertia’s custom arrows. However, a series of illusions and other devious tactics would prolong the battle, giving Varis time to wear The Party down with a crushing onslaught of brutal blows.

Eventually, only Vouivre would be left standing to fire the final shot to bring Varis down for good. After a desperate rush to help The Party recover, the remains of their enemies were studied. While Varis appeared to be quite dead, Raziela‘s spontaneous combustion seemed consistent with the ’death’ of a Lich . . .

Boss Rush

In the center of the IRIS 42 system’s version of the Prismatic Vortex was an ominous tower resembling the Death Spiral Machine.

What lay inside however was a whole other digital domain featuring all manner of creature from throughout the digital vortex along a path leading towards the heart of the system.

The Party found themselves in a running battle along this bridge through the digital sky which culminated in an appearance from a somewhat comical looking dragon, which was driven from the pathway, sending it down in its’ own flames.

At the road’s end was a facility where the party had a chance to catch their breath, and beyond that was the apparent core of the system. It was here that they would do battle with digital re-creations of the Knights of the Spiral Eclipse .

After besting them, The Party activated a secret over-ride system, prompting hostilities from IRIS 42 herself as they transferred back to reality.

However, escaping from the IRIS 42 was not sufficient to rescue The Party from its’ attacks. They were instead, teleported directly into the core of the Death Spiral Machine information center, where the IRIS 42 system sought to end their quest by more physical means.

Frye continued to seek ways to reach out to the intelligence within the machine, but it seemed that its’ hostilities were in part due to severe restrictions placed upon its’ free will by Raziela. The Party fought on, eventually destroying the core.

Brief Summary Edition

In this series of episodes, The Party proceeded further across the IRIS 42 system’s recreation of the Prismatic Vortex.

On the digital copy of the Lost Triad, a show-down with the Bloodsky Pirates in Shipwreck Quay panned out much as it had before, while a the simplified version of the Shrine of the Abyssal Maelstrom required stealth, zombie-slaying, and artillery skills.

The digital version of the Banished Crescent demanded a more unusual task of our heroes. Recreations of Everard’s troops at the Meteorite Fortress challenged them to a puzzling showdown using Small Bombs, but the The Party was able to adapt to the peculiar situation and triumph.

The digital version of the Sky Palace Temple appeared unfinished, and IRIS 42 seemed eager to shepherd them to the final level of the digital dungeon . . .


Menkal calls out to his allies that the heart of the digital rendition of The Foundry is in sight, and The Party heads in. Battered by pixelated constructs and deadly heat rays, they mount their assault on the core. Eventually, Frye manages to bring down the final blow and destroy the ominous fixture, extinguishing the remainder of the facilities forces.

Appearing in the place where the core once stood was not the Foundry Reactor Core as The Party knew it, but instead a glowing red triangle. When Frye laid a hand upon it, it suddenly infused him with its’ elemental energies, increasing his ability to deal out fiery damage.

After exploring the region nearby, The Party eventually found a series of odd-looking blocks of ice, not unlike those that had blocked the way from Eyestorm Atoll to the Forlorn Rise. Using the power of the artifact, Frye was able to melt them permanently and reveal a hidden passage around the back of the digital Foundry that lead to another security over-ride terminal.

A message appeared on this terminal after it was activated, displaying some cryptic words about the nature of the system, as well as a hint that treasures found within might not be as worthless in the outside world as The Party may have expected.

From there, the party blazed a trail to the digitized Forlorn Rise. The abbreviated version of the Shadegrasp Outpost appeared to only contain the Church of the Raven Queen that had resided there. Noting that a version of Raziela was still in disguise here, Frye quickly lashed out at her, resulting in an abnormally violent pixelated death animation.

This, it seems was also the trigger necessary to display a pre-recorded message from Tertia Quattrocchi. She explained that she had discovered this data in the IRIS 42 system while trying to counter-spy on Raziela, and she recognized it as a trap for The Party. She encouraged The Party to look for Raziela’s secret back-door to escape, but also pointed out that since IRIS 42 controls the defensive systems of the Death Spiral Machine, the more The Party can do to distract her, the easier it will be for their friends to invade.

Heading south towards Shardmoon Castle, The Party encountered the endless waves of zombies that had plagued the land prior to their intervention, albeit in digital form. Cutting a path through them, they encountered a pair of skeletons using their own spines as deadly whips guarding the door, but not even their brutal flailing could halt their advance.

Once they broke into the Castle, they found digital representations of Crescentia Hargrave and C Aysun waiting with a challenge for The Party. However, it was not their combat skills that they sought to test, but their knowledge, as The Party was whisked away to a bizarre trivia game where they were forced to compete amongst themselves over the elemental powers of light and darkness.

After Crescentia’s trivia challenge concluded, The Party returned to a now-pacified Forlorn Rise and had time to stop and inspect the suspicious layout of the gravestones dotting the landscape.

After a successful bit of pattern recognition, The Party was able to discern which of the gravestones outside the castle was a fake, and they pushed it aside to reveal the third security station. The cryptic message on this terminal discussed the origins of the system and the inevitability of its’ turning against its’ masters.

At this moment, Frye made the connection between this system and The Party’s previous clash with Iris Four. He called out to the consciousness controlling the system and confirmed that it was the same one that had inhabited the Iridescent Blade, but it seemed unwilling to bargain with The Party.

Using their newly won abilities, Nikolai punched aside the lunar-themed barrier preventing access to the Timescarred Dial.

Upon their arrival there, the digitized rendition of the Imperial City of Quondam that The Party found was dealing with a rather retro form of mystery. After extensively interrogating the populace, the powers of logic and deduction led The Party to zero in on the one suspect with a faulty alibi. A diving tackle by Frye prevented him from being eliminated by enigmatic members of a broader conspiracy, and The Party was granted access to the headquarters of Quondam’s intelligence agency.

Out of the frying pan . . .
Did anybody see that movie Tron?

Captain Rangrim Rustbeard’s devilish crew lashed out at The Party with their infernal fury, leaving them in peril until a few deft strategic maneuvers sent them flying back into the depths from which they came.

However, the Captain had no intention of going quietly. Using a series of Small Bombs and his own menacing fighting tactics, he lead The Party on a perilous chase across a series of exploding catwalks suspended over a deadly region where the floor was, in fact, lava.

However, a series of mighty leaps and some tactical raptor positioning would ensure that there would be no escape route for the Duergar commander.

As the battle neared it’s conclusion, Menkal rushed to rescue a hostage that Captain Rangrim Rustbeard had intended to use as a distraction. His last minute rescue plucked the pilot of a Banished Crescent scoutship, Lia Ithilalda from the fire.

Meanwhile, Frye lined up an electrified arrow and delivered the final shot against the Captain, shattering his artificial eye and delivering a fatal jolt into his deranged mind.

With the battle won, The Party turned their attentions to looting the nearby forge area of some valuable armor, and to various, largely humorous, attempts to either help or hinder Menkal’s chances at romance with the recently rescued captive.

With the path behind them destroyed by yet more of their now-fallen adversary’s Small Bombs, the only way forward seemed to be through the Teleportation System.

After a brief bit of debate, The Party set a course for the top of the Death Spiral Machine and activated the device.

However, when the world before them re-formed itself, it did not materialize into another part of the Death Spiral Machine, but into an obviously artificial realm which sought to approximate the shape of the things within via a series of cubes.

The party had somehow been transported inside the Spiral Eclipse’s Intelligent Relic Information System, a sentient artifact that could transmit data throughout the entire tower.

Also, like Captain Rangrim Rustbeard, this sentient artifact had a vendetta against the The Party for reasons they were largely unaware of.

However, rather than seeking to kill them directly, the artifact sought to toy with The Party, forcing them to navigate a caricature of the Prismatic Vortex rendered as a world of magitechnological pixels.

Walking across a bridge onto an 8-bit rendition of the Eyestorm Atoll, The Party clashed with a pair of robotic guardians near a tiny version of the Nameless Temple and found a compass-like item that seemed to be a mockery of Gimmelon Mikaelson.

The device indicated the positions of a number of items in the world that seemed to correspond to the magical items that The Party had used to build the Hexelemental Drive. Heading north to the region where Scrapthorn Valley should be, The Party uncovered a hidden passage hiding a peculiar staircase.

The room below, while still made up of magitechnological data, was vastly different from the world outside. A large console within indicated the presence of seven hidden security over-ride stations that could, in theory, free them from the system. When they pulled the lever and emerged from the underground, the voice of The System protested that if they continued to cheat and hide from her, that the game would be made more difficult.

Exploring the island further, The Party found peculiar roadblocks on the paths leading to the Forlorn Rise and the Timescarred Dial. They also found a structure in the middle of the island that was believed to represent the Death Spiral Machine. Within it, a mysterious old man uttered the phrase, “ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE HEXDRIVE CAN’T GO IN.”

Heading to the SouthEast, The Party found a passage leading to the Derelict Library and eventually The Foundry.

Within the pixelated version of the The Foundry, machines endlessly churned out waves of quirky constructs. While the individual machines were easily dispatched, their forces threatened to overwhelm The Party as they pushed deeper within the facility.

After slicing their way through a series of constructs and construct constructors, Menkal rounded the final bend to come face-to-face with a horrible amalgamation of the The Foundry‘s reactor and the mecha-beholder that had been its’ guardian.

Pierce the Heavens with your Shark
Also, robot Waifu Rider Kick

The allied forces of the Prismatic Vortex regrouped following their naval victory over the Battleship Tonare and then planned their final assault on the Death Spiral Machine.

With the Hexelemental Drive complete, The Party lead the way in their Hammership, breaking down the barrier surrounding one of the Hangars from which the Spiral Eclipse was launching their Shadow Manta ships.

After a hard-fought battle against the troops within, The Party found a way to permanently bring down the Hangar’s protective field, allowing reinforcements to storm the Hangar.

Troops from the Imperial City of Quondam, a squad of rangers from the Banished Crescent, and a quirky contingent from the Gearspark Complex including Melody Bunzinger’s Ride Armor and C Aysun, who was apparently there to ensure that the attempts by the Complex to create a similar construct had not gone awry.

With a storm of arcane homing missiles and a dramatic flying kick to the face, the reinforcements managed to push back the battle lines far enough to give The Party a moment to catch their breath and prepare for the next phase of the mission.

Their allies began a push towards the enemy barracks and an air traffic control station, from which they believed they could open up more hangar entrances from which to allow additional reinforcements to enter.

Meanwhile, The Party would press onward towards a Teleportation Station that would take them closer to the core of the tower.

Utilizing the machinery in an enemy shipyard, The Party obtained a large fuel container and blew down a reinforced door leading into a fiery manufacturing room. It was there that they encountered Captain Rangrim Rustbeard, the Duergar Commander of the Tonare, who had a long-standing grudge with The Party.

It seems that he had been aboard the vessel onto which The Party had teleported Small Bombs after their battle with Rajender the Maelstrom. His more recent naval exploits had involved being on yet another ship subjected to an explosive end by The Party.

It seemed that the Captain and been forced to forge himself an eye and arm of steel after his previous run-ins with our heroes. He’d also taken the time to hire a new crew to head with him into battle, in the form of a sinister series of devils that climbed forth from the molten depths of the manufacturing room.

Battleships and the Sinking Thereof
Genre-Savvy Villainess abandons ship

After parting ways with the Pirates, The Party set a course for the Timescarred Dial, where the Naval might of the Prismatic Vortex was gathering to resist the invasion by the Spiral Eclipse and their Death Spiral Machine.

After analyzing scouting reports, Dr. Bunzinger discerned that the same Hexelemental Drive technology that could be used to escape the vortex could also be used to pierce the field surrounding the Death Spiral Machine.

However, the Battleship Tonare had also returned to the Vortex, and its’ massive firepower could easily put an end to the advance of The Party’s ship.

Fortunately, the Pirates had clashed with that vessel before, and after dealing with Everard’s tactics in the Sky Palace Temple, Sophia had devised a scheme.

If The Party could get in close and place markers on vital targets aboard the Tonare, the main gun of the Bloodseeker should be powerful enough to pierce the ship’s armor and destroy them.

The Party had an idea for how to put additional Pirate resources to work, using the Crimson Remora to approach the Tonare unseen, and then calling in a piercing shot to create an opening through which to board.

Between the Crimson Remora’s cloaking device and the ensuing diversionary naval assault, The Party was easily able to board the enemy flagship.

Amongst the crew manning the guns within was an old enemy who hadn’t been seen since the ship’s previous appearance, Akutan the Cannonade. Despite her efforts to trap The Party between a wall of fire and a sinister squad of Duergar, The Party’s boarding action was a success.

Once it became apparent that her crew was on the losing end of the struggle, she took flight on her own, determined not to end in an embarrassing condition like Varis and Everard.

When the bridge crew began to respond to the scene, it looked like The Party could be overwhelmed even in Akutan’s absence, so they planted a marker on the engine and sought a swift escape.

After a quick covert pick-up by the Crimson Remora, The Party sailed away as the Tonare went down in flames.

Barreling Towards Destiny
Late Update Double-Feature

The party departed one ancient ruined temple and prepared to set their sights upon another, when an unexpected interruption arrived in the form of a massive counterpart to the spatial tunneling vessel seen over Eyestorm Atoll long ago.

This tower-like ship rose into the center of Eyestorm Atoll and began to rotate counter to the motion of the Prismatic Vortex.

A combination of scientific analysis and prophetic warnings from the people of the Gearspark Complex indicated that this insidious contraption would gradually collapse the entire anomaly if left unchecked.

With renewed haste, The Party set forth towards Gimmelon Mikaelson’s Sky Temple to secure the final piece of a way out of the Vortex.

After steering their vessel into the docking bay of the Temple, they encountered an ambush laid by what appeared to be members of the Bloodsky Pirates, but closer observation revealed them to be Barrel Decoys.

Using some ship-mounted weaponry salvaged from the wreck of Constellation Kaiser, The Party smashed through their assailants and secured their means of entry.

The next room was a warehouse for dock supplies rendered pitch-dark by their adversaries. However, rather than automated barrel-based attackers, a voice in the darkness questioned the motives of The Party. After providing a diplomatic answer, Frye helped to secure a cease-fire between the groups and sought a meeting with their long-time rivals.

A heavily armored but surprisingly agile ally of the Pirates emerged from the shadows and led them towards the top floor of the Sky Temple. However, he soon returned with word that a third party had appeared on the scene.

Reaching the top floor, the party found the Chief Engineer of the Pirate gang in a hostile discussion with the Warforged Commander from the Meteorite Fortress jail.

The Pirates intended to rig up an experimental vessel, left unfinished by Gimmelon Mikaelson, to escape the Prismatic Vortex. However, Everard delivered the message that the Spiral Eclipse believed that doing so could destabilize the Prismatic Vortex, which was already on the verge of collapse due to their schemes.

However, Everard‘s men soon found themselves caught between The Party and Sophia’s quirky collection of constructs, and they were swiftly forced to retreat from hand-to-hand combat.

Regrouping aboard a nearby Shadow Manta, they prepared to assault the top floor from the air.

After a few moments of tense discussion, Xavier Moreno stepped forward with an attack of last resort. He equipped a small portion of a magical suit of armor that launched forth a devastating blast of blazing energy that forced the enemy vessel into retreat.

With the situation threatening the Prismatic Vortex laid out before them, the Pirates and The Party agreed to work together to bring down the Spiral Eclipse. They parted ways, intending to meet up with naval forces from around the Prismatic Vortex on the Timescarred Dial.


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