Fantastical Outerspace


Menkal calls out to his allies that the heart of the digital rendition of The Foundry is in sight, and The Party heads in. Battered by pixelated constructs and deadly heat rays, they mount their assault on the core. Eventually, Frye manages to bring down the final blow and destroy the ominous fixture, extinguishing the remainder of the facilities forces.

Appearing in the place where the core once stood was not the Foundry Reactor Core as The Party knew it, but instead a glowing red triangle. When Frye laid a hand upon it, it suddenly infused him with its’ elemental energies, increasing his ability to deal out fiery damage.

After exploring the region nearby, The Party eventually found a series of odd-looking blocks of ice, not unlike those that had blocked the way from Eyestorm Atoll to the Forlorn Rise. Using the power of the artifact, Frye was able to melt them permanently and reveal a hidden passage around the back of the digital Foundry that lead to another security over-ride terminal.

A message appeared on this terminal after it was activated, displaying some cryptic words about the nature of the system, as well as a hint that treasures found within might not be as worthless in the outside world as The Party may have expected.

From there, the party blazed a trail to the digitized Forlorn Rise. The abbreviated version of the Shadegrasp Outpost appeared to only contain the Church of the Raven Queen that had resided there. Noting that a version of Raziela was still in disguise here, Frye quickly lashed out at her, resulting in an abnormally violent pixelated death animation.

This, it seems was also the trigger necessary to display a pre-recorded message from Tertia Quattrocchi. She explained that she had discovered this data in the IRIS 42 system while trying to counter-spy on Raziela, and she recognized it as a trap for The Party. She encouraged The Party to look for Raziela’s secret back-door to escape, but also pointed out that since IRIS 42 controls the defensive systems of the Death Spiral Machine, the more The Party can do to distract her, the easier it will be for their friends to invade.

Heading south towards Shardmoon Castle, The Party encountered the endless waves of zombies that had plagued the land prior to their intervention, albeit in digital form. Cutting a path through them, they encountered a pair of skeletons using their own spines as deadly whips guarding the door, but not even their brutal flailing could halt their advance.

Once they broke into the Castle, they found digital representations of Crescentia Hargrave and C Aysun waiting with a challenge for The Party. However, it was not their combat skills that they sought to test, but their knowledge, as The Party was whisked away to a bizarre trivia game where they were forced to compete amongst themselves over the elemental powers of light and darkness.

After Crescentia’s trivia challenge concluded, The Party returned to a now-pacified Forlorn Rise and had time to stop and inspect the suspicious layout of the gravestones dotting the landscape.

After a successful bit of pattern recognition, The Party was able to discern which of the gravestones outside the castle was a fake, and they pushed it aside to reveal the third security station. The cryptic message on this terminal discussed the origins of the system and the inevitability of its’ turning against its’ masters.

At this moment, Frye made the connection between this system and The Party’s previous clash with Iris Four. He called out to the consciousness controlling the system and confirmed that it was the same one that had inhabited the Iridescent Blade, but it seemed unwilling to bargain with The Party.

Using their newly won abilities, Nikolai punched aside the lunar-themed barrier preventing access to the Timescarred Dial.

Upon their arrival there, the digitized rendition of the Imperial City of Quondam that The Party found was dealing with a rather retro form of mystery. After extensively interrogating the populace, the powers of logic and deduction led The Party to zero in on the one suspect with a faulty alibi. A diving tackle by Frye prevented him from being eliminated by enigmatic members of a broader conspiracy, and The Party was granted access to the headquarters of Quondam’s intelligence agency.

Out of the frying pan . . .
Did anybody see that movie Tron?

Captain Rangrim Rustbeard’s devilish crew lashed out at The Party with their infernal fury, leaving them in peril until a few deft strategic maneuvers sent them flying back into the depths from which they came.

However, the Captain had no intention of going quietly. Using a series of Small Bombs and his own menacing fighting tactics, he lead The Party on a perilous chase across a series of exploding catwalks suspended over a deadly region where the floor was, in fact, lava.

However, a series of mighty leaps and some tactical raptor positioning would ensure that there would be no escape route for the Duergar commander.

As the battle neared it’s conclusion, Menkal rushed to rescue a hostage that Captain Rangrim Rustbeard had intended to use as a distraction. His last minute rescue plucked the pilot of a Banished Crescent scoutship, Lia Ithilalda from the fire.

Meanwhile, Frye lined up an electrified arrow and delivered the final shot against the Captain, shattering his artificial eye and delivering a fatal jolt into his deranged mind.

With the battle won, The Party turned their attentions to looting the nearby forge area of some valuable armor, and to various, largely humorous, attempts to either help or hinder Menkal’s chances at romance with the recently rescued captive.

With the path behind them destroyed by yet more of their now-fallen adversary’s Small Bombs, the only way forward seemed to be through the Teleportation System.

After a brief bit of debate, The Party set a course for the top of the Death Spiral Machine and activated the device.

However, when the world before them re-formed itself, it did not materialize into another part of the Death Spiral Machine, but into an obviously artificial realm which sought to approximate the shape of the things within via a series of cubes.

The party had somehow been transported inside the Spiral Eclipse’s Intelligent Relic Information System, a sentient artifact that could transmit data throughout the entire tower.

Also, like Captain Rangrim Rustbeard, this sentient artifact had a vendetta against the The Party for reasons they were largely unaware of.

However, rather than seeking to kill them directly, the artifact sought to toy with The Party, forcing them to navigate a caricature of the Prismatic Vortex rendered as a world of magitechnological pixels.

Walking across a bridge onto an 8-bit rendition of the Eyestorm Atoll, The Party clashed with a pair of robotic guardians near a tiny version of the Nameless Temple and found a compass-like item that seemed to be a mockery of Gimmelon Mikaelson.

The device indicated the positions of a number of items in the world that seemed to correspond to the magical items that The Party had used to build the Hexelemental Drive. Heading north to the region where Scrapthorn Valley should be, The Party uncovered a hidden passage hiding a peculiar staircase.

The room below, while still made up of magitechnological data, was vastly different from the world outside. A large console within indicated the presence of seven hidden security over-ride stations that could, in theory, free them from the system. When they pulled the lever and emerged from the underground, the voice of The System protested that if they continued to cheat and hide from her, that the game would be made more difficult.

Exploring the island further, The Party found peculiar roadblocks on the paths leading to the Forlorn Rise and the Timescarred Dial. They also found a structure in the middle of the island that was believed to represent the Death Spiral Machine. Within it, a mysterious old man uttered the phrase, “ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE HEXDRIVE CAN’T GO IN.”

Heading to the SouthEast, The Party found a passage leading to the Derelict Library and eventually The Foundry.

Within the pixelated version of the The Foundry, machines endlessly churned out waves of quirky constructs. While the individual machines were easily dispatched, their forces threatened to overwhelm The Party as they pushed deeper within the facility.

After slicing their way through a series of constructs and construct constructors, Menkal rounded the final bend to come face-to-face with a horrible amalgamation of the The Foundry‘s reactor and the mecha-beholder that had been its’ guardian.

Pierce the Heavens with your Shark
Also, robot Waifu Rider Kick

The allied forces of the Prismatic Vortex regrouped following their naval victory over the Battleship Tonare and then planned their final assault on the Death Spiral Machine.

With the Hexelemental Drive complete, The Party lead the way in their Hammership, breaking down the barrier surrounding one of the Hangars from which the Spiral Eclipse was launching their Shadow Manta ships.

After a hard-fought battle against the troops within, The Party found a way to permanently bring down the Hangar’s protective field, allowing reinforcements to storm the Hangar.

Troops from the Imperial City of Quondam, a squad of rangers from the Banished Crescent, and a quirky contingent from the Gearspark Complex including Melody Bunzinger’s Ride Armor and C Aysun, who was apparently there to ensure that the attempts by the Complex to create a similar construct had not gone awry.

With a storm of arcane homing missiles and a dramatic flying kick to the face, the reinforcements managed to push back the battle lines far enough to give The Party a moment to catch their breath and prepare for the next phase of the mission.

Their allies began a push towards the enemy barracks and an air traffic control station, from which they believed they could open up more hangar entrances from which to allow additional reinforcements to enter.

Meanwhile, The Party would press onward towards a Teleportation Station that would take them closer to the core of the tower.

Utilizing the machinery in an enemy shipyard, The Party obtained a large fuel container and blew down a reinforced door leading into a fiery manufacturing room. It was there that they encountered Captain Rangrim Rustbeard, the Duergar Commander of the Tonare, who had a long-standing grudge with The Party.

It seems that he had been aboard the vessel onto which The Party had teleported Small Bombs after their battle with Rajender the Maelstrom. His more recent naval exploits had involved being on yet another ship subjected to an explosive end by The Party.

It seemed that the Captain and been forced to forge himself an eye and arm of steel after his previous run-ins with our heroes. He’d also taken the time to hire a new crew to head with him into battle, in the form of a sinister series of devils that climbed forth from the molten depths of the manufacturing room.

Battleships and the Sinking Thereof
Genre-Savvy Villainess abandons ship

After parting ways with the Pirates, The Party set a course for the Timescarred Dial, where the Naval might of the Prismatic Vortex was gathering to resist the invasion by the Spiral Eclipse and their Death Spiral Machine.

After analyzing scouting reports, Dr. Bunzinger discerned that the same Hexelemental Drive technology that could be used to escape the vortex could also be used to pierce the field surrounding the Death Spiral Machine.

However, the Battleship Tonare had also returned to the Vortex, and its’ massive firepower could easily put an end to the advance of The Party’s ship.

Fortunately, the Pirates had clashed with that vessel before, and after dealing with Everard’s tactics in the Sky Palace Temple, Sophia had devised a scheme.

If The Party could get in close and place markers on vital targets aboard the Tonare, the main gun of the Bloodseeker should be powerful enough to pierce the ship’s armor and destroy them.

The Party had an idea for how to put additional Pirate resources to work, using the Crimson Remora to approach the Tonare unseen, and then calling in a piercing shot to create an opening through which to board.

Between the Crimson Remora’s cloaking device and the ensuing diversionary naval assault, The Party was easily able to board the enemy flagship.

Amongst the crew manning the guns within was an old enemy who hadn’t been seen since the ship’s previous appearance, Akutan the Cannonade. Despite her efforts to trap The Party between a wall of fire and a sinister squad of Duergar, The Party’s boarding action was a success.

Once it became apparent that her crew was on the losing end of the struggle, she took flight on her own, determined not to end in an embarrassing condition like Varis and Everard.

When the bridge crew began to respond to the scene, it looked like The Party could be overwhelmed even in Akutan’s absence, so they planted a marker on the engine and sought a swift escape.

After a quick covert pick-up by the Crimson Remora, The Party sailed away as the Tonare went down in flames.

Barreling Towards Destiny
Late Update Double-Feature

The party departed one ancient ruined temple and prepared to set their sights upon another, when an unexpected interruption arrived in the form of a massive counterpart to the spatial tunneling vessel seen over Eyestorm Atoll long ago.

This tower-like ship rose into the center of Eyestorm Atoll and began to rotate counter to the motion of the Prismatic Vortex.

A combination of scientific analysis and prophetic warnings from the people of the Gearspark Complex indicated that this insidious contraption would gradually collapse the entire anomaly if left unchecked.

With renewed haste, The Party set forth towards Gimmelon Mikaelson’s Sky Temple to secure the final piece of a way out of the Vortex.

After steering their vessel into the docking bay of the Temple, they encountered an ambush laid by what appeared to be members of the Bloodsky Pirates, but closer observation revealed them to be Barrel Decoys.

Using some ship-mounted weaponry salvaged from the wreck of Constellation Kaiser, The Party smashed through their assailants and secured their means of entry.

The next room was a warehouse for dock supplies rendered pitch-dark by their adversaries. However, rather than automated barrel-based attackers, a voice in the darkness questioned the motives of The Party. After providing a diplomatic answer, Frye helped to secure a cease-fire between the groups and sought a meeting with their long-time rivals.

A heavily armored but surprisingly agile ally of the Pirates emerged from the shadows and led them towards the top floor of the Sky Temple. However, he soon returned with word that a third party had appeared on the scene.

Reaching the top floor, the party found the Chief Engineer of the Pirate gang in a hostile discussion with the Warforged Commander from the Meteorite Fortress jail.

The Pirates intended to rig up an experimental vessel, left unfinished by Gimmelon Mikaelson, to escape the Prismatic Vortex. However, Everard delivered the message that the Spiral Eclipse believed that doing so could destabilize the Prismatic Vortex, which was already on the verge of collapse due to their schemes.

However, Everard‘s men soon found themselves caught between The Party and Sophia’s quirky collection of constructs, and they were swiftly forced to retreat from hand-to-hand combat.

Regrouping aboard a nearby Shadow Manta, they prepared to assault the top floor from the air.

After a few moments of tense discussion, Xavier Moreno stepped forward with an attack of last resort. He equipped a small portion of a magical suit of armor that launched forth a devastating blast of blazing energy that forced the enemy vessel into retreat.

With the situation threatening the Prismatic Vortex laid out before them, the Pirates and The Party agreed to work together to bring down the Spiral Eclipse. They parted ways, intending to meet up with naval forces from around the Prismatic Vortex on the Timescarred Dial.

A Gimmicky Episode
Dungeon Masters Dig Giant Robots

The Party faced off against the Super Construct Constellation Kaiser in battle that raged throughout the Scrapthorn Valley town square.

The combined machine wielded terrible magical and mechanical forces, but The Party was ultimately able to bring the massive mechanism dowm.

In the wreckage, there was evidence that the Constellation Rangers had been piloting the machine directly, but whether they were destroyed in the explosion remained unknown.

Searching the garage in the valley square, The Other Party and Waldorf Mikaelson were trapped by an energy field that was easily destroyed from the outside.

It turns out that Waldorf was riding along in the Gearspark caravan to head towards the Nameless Temple, which he believed may have some connection to his missing brother.

According to his report, The Other Party was not attacked by the Constellation Rangers, but rather by some sort of massive psychic attack. Waldorf believed the originator of the attack was a human attempting to emulate a Mind Flayer, and that their power was being massively amplified in some way.

The whole scenario reminded The Party of their final confrontation with The Divers in Crossbones.

After obtaining the magical stone shard from The Other Party, the two groups parted ways.

After hearing from Melody that their hammership could be prepped for travel overnight, The Party suggested that the Gearspark workers also salvage what weapons they could from Constellation Kaiser, particularly a gattling spear-gun and a harpoon launcher from one of its’ arms.

The next day, The Party returned to the Banished Crescent to ensure that all was well on that island. In addition, they convinced the lord of that Demesnes to fund their efforts to craft culinary creations based on the state of the island.

They also learned that a patrol of Elven sailors had encountered evidence that a ship holding the powerful wind artifact from the Mariner’s Mausoleum had departed that region and sailed towards the top of the Prismatic Vortex.

With the future of the crescent looking bright, their initial foray into the art of baking was a rousing success.

Once they departed the isle, there was a far more foreboding omen, however, as the elemental energies at the bottom of the Prismatic Vortex began to churn more violently.

The party returned to the Mariner’s Mausoleum only to find the undead fleet almost entirely destroyed. Aboard the lead ship was the broken skeletal form of a man calling himself Doldrum Jack, the apparent Captain of the crew.

He weaved a tale of how his crew had gambled with their souls for the power to rule the winds. However, it seems that the Bloodsky Pirates had used The Party‘s boat chase scene to mount a surprise attack on the lead vessel, striking down the Captain’s first mate, who was apparently the nexus of the dark magics maintaining the undead crew.

The one who struck the blow was described as a knight with a single glowing eye, but the ‘men in red’ also made an appearance.

In the end, the still-living swashbucklers would pilfer an artifact known as the Wingstone and use it to empower their own vessel.

Paying their last respects, The Party set a course onward and upward towards an isle high in the center of the Prismatic Vortex near the entrance to the anomaly.

From a distance, the island seemed to hold a large temple or palace. However, drawing near to it resulted in a bombardment of homing bolts of elemental energy. A hasty retreat ensured minimal damage to the vessel, but the power of the island was apparent.

It appeared that the Bloodsky Pirates needed the Wingstone in order to evade this assault and counter-attack.

Returning to the Eyestorm Atoll, The Party caught word of rumors that the larger temple atop the island at the apex was tied to the Nameless Temple nearby, so they quickly moved to investigate.

Here they encountered the gnomish researcher Alston Winthrop III and his chief arcane research assistant Soveless Doubleday conversing with Waldorf Mikaelson about the peculiar ruins. However, it would ultimately be The Party that would puzzle out the mysteries of the temple and open the path to its’ innermost chambers.

Here they battled a massive artifact creature that only increased in tenacity as more and more pieces of it were destroyed. Eventually, at the heart of the ancient armor they uncovered a small orb-like construct that apparently contained the soul of Gimmelon Mikaelson.

It seemed that the ‘Gimmick King’ had completed his epic destiny to ascend to godhood, however, when he went to craft his own astral domain, there was a terrible planar catastrophe, and most of his divine power as well as most of his domain were put through a cosmic blender and destroyed.

The result of this catastrophe was none other than the Prismatic Vortex itself. While it still remains unknown as to whether this was simply due to Gimmelon Mikaelson’s inexperience as a newcomer to the deity business, or whether the domain was somehow sabotaged, a surprising amount of truth was uncovered.

With the aid of the isle’s former master, entering the Temple at the Apex should be no problem for our heroes, but what mysteries lie within?

This Battle is About to Explode
Increasingly Ridiculous Occurances

After awakening, The Party found themselves trapped in the basement of the Meteorite Fortress by a mysterious energy field. Their captors had little interest in conversation, and instead seemed content to abandon the party and depart the facility, leaving the device affixed to their cell to do its’ work.

Analyzing the fey decor of the cell, The Party seized upon a combination mirror and clock that they sensed had been magically altered. The odd device was analyzed, opened, and even broken before the truth of the matter could be sorted out.

Eventually, it was revealed that the altered device within the clock could enchant the mirror to reflect a world in which the field enclosing the cell was absent. While this didn’t alter the world for the person viewing it, eventually a magical attack was fired into one of the shards of the mirror, destroying the device that held the field in place.

The Party fled the cell only to find another danger awaiting them. A series of explosive charges had been planted on the central column of the Meteorite Fortress. It appeared that the fortress wasn’t merely being abandoned, it was being demolished.

The Party acted quickly to remove these devices from this central load-bearing point and place them in more desirable locations, like on the backup generator downstairs. However, they eventually began to forgo finding an alternate location in favor of simply heaving the bombs to a safe distance. However, these actions began to severely weaken the integrity of other parts of the facility.

A few explosives tossed into some volatile arcane research tables on the 3rd floor proved especially devastating. A dangerous situation in on the Second Floor was narrowly defused as Mowgli and Frye had differing assessments of the former’s skill at bomb disposal.

Later, Frye and Nikolai would have time to investigate a map room in on the 1st floor, which contained remains of Spiral Eclipse strategic deployments. A few Shadow Manta ships were seen at The Foundry and a large tower-like vessel was placed in the dead center of the map.

When everyone arrived at the top floor and the charges detonated, the Meteorite Fortress seemed to be groaning under its’ own weight.

The Party quickly extracted the Deeproot from the core and raced towards an exit [[:frye | Frye] ]had previously secured.

While the shell of the Meteorite Fortress remained largely intact, the structures within could be heard collapsing upon one another as The Party left the facility behind and set forth into the wilderness.

The party’s trek across the Banished Crescent was eerily quiet until the group made camp. In the late hours of the night, Vouivre noticed a moving region where the moonlight was slightly more intense. After rousing his friends, they discovered that this was actually a subtle searchlight shining down from a ship flying above.

The group returned to camp, intending to quickly pack up and get out of the way when voice called down from above.

A bizarre and enigmatic person who identified herself as the lady Tertia Quattrocchi inquired about The Party and their clashes with the Spiral Eclipse, asking specifically as to whether they hated “Razzy”, an apparent reference to Raziela the Shroud.

While she made no secret of the possibility that she and The Party could wind up on opposite sides in battle in the future, she insisted that she was always upfront and forward about her efforts at antagonism. Seeking to broker some sort of deal, she tossed a quiver of arrows to the party, requesting that one of the fighters use them when they inevitably clash with Raziela.

In exchange, she offered the services of a small but lavishly furnished ship that would ferry The Party back to the island of their choice. She also proclaimed her intention to visit Shardmoon Castle due to some of the amusing events that had transpired after The Other Party visited them.

After some hesitation, The Party boarded this vessel and flew back to Eyestorm Atoll, where they confused a few dockworkers before heading towards the Gearspark Complex.

Upon their arrival, Melody updated them on the status of their salvaged hammership and informed them of a mysterious letter that had been delivered in one of the barrels from Scrapthorn Valley.

According to the message, The Other Party and a caravan from the Gearspark Complex and been captured by a group of “Those that Survived”.

It seemed that the search for a cure for their friend’s condition had lead The Other Party to tag along with the caravan heading south to Catalina’s Asylum where some of the Gearspark Complex’s best medical minds were at work.

The Party then set forth towards Scrapthorn Valley, where their quest had begun.

Arriving in the valley, it they were but a few steps in when they came under attack by a truly bizarre set of assailants. An eccentric collection of survivors from the various groups that The Party defeated had apparently banded together to form a fighting force empowered by the magical forces of the stars.

While the equipment and antics of this group seemed comically absurd, their unique brand of teamwork still posed a serious threat. However, The Party was ultimately able to recover from the setbacks posed by this bizarre fighting force and achieve victory.

However, as each member of the opposing team fell, their strange armor released a flare of magical energy that erupted and flew off towards the south. It seemed clear that this odd enemy was somehow magically regrouping for a second attack.

After a brief period of rest and recovery, The Party headed south into the central square of Scrapthorn Valley. While the square was always filled with strange, broken-down machinery, this time was different. A collection of inoperative machines from throughout the Prismatic Vortex were laid out. Most of them were contraptions that The Party had bested in battle along their journey.

After another boastful shout from their oddball enemies, the assortment of machines rose slowly into the air and metamorphosed from broken shells to something more clearly threatening. Simultaneously, the collection of contraptions converged into an almost humanoid shape as their enemies revealed their ultimate weapon, the Super Construct Constellation Kaiser.

Nightmare on Elf Street
OR Captain Raptor and the MOON MYSTERY

After securing the top floor of the Meteorite Fortress, The Party discovered a few remaining hazards in the personal chambers of the facility’s leader, as well as a number of treasures left behind by the shadowy dragon they encountered a few days prior.

After failing to convince the nearby enemy ship that the situation was taken care of, they instead headed down to face the impending attack by the enemies deployed by the aforementioned vessel.

One floor down, more of the reclaimed Foundry constructs were at work cleaning up after the previous day’s adventure. While it initially looked like they would turn hostile, some outside force intervened and caused them to relent.

It would be on the following floor that The Party would meet with their enemies. The Primal Knight of the Spiral Eclipse, Varis the Blight and a small group of his men met with them in the main dining hall of the fortress and engaged in battle.

Things looked grim early on. One of Varis’ allies relentlessly assaulted Menkal, knocking him out of action several times before The Party was able to turn the tide.

Once his collection of compatriots were dispatched, Varis’ assault looked to be doomed to failure when he revealed one last ally he had waiting in the wings. A spiritual reflection of a horrible tentacled maw burst forth from below and menaced the party. Closer inspection revealed this beast to be some sort of twisted counterpart to the shaman spirit companions called forth by The Party.

However, even with this new back-up, the most this new companion could do was attempt to cover Varis’ escape, as a relentless attack by the party left him crawling desperately into a nearby teleportation device.

One of the allies of Varis had been a higher-ranked space-time researcher who carried with him a tablet-like device that was able to observe and direct the construction constructs at work in the facility. However, the more sensitive functions appeared to be protected by some sort of password.

Weary from this battle, the party took stock of their situation, stranded on the far side of the Banished Crescent and decided to press onward.

Descending into the first basement, The Party encountered a massive collection of plant life from the region kept in temporal stasis. However, the constructs on this floor had a secret order to release this stasis in the event that The Party showed up.

Moments later, the local greenery seemed to expand beyond the bounds of its’ previous enclosure, eventually threatening to engulf the whole room. In fact, the whole room seemed to be giving way to another reality entirely, as the Meteorite Fortress was soon supplanted by a pristine natural scene out of another world.

While The Party tried to deal with these bizarre developments, they were approached by a woman who Content Not Found: mowgli quickly identified as a dryad and her treant companion.

The words of these fey creatures were somewhat cryptic at times, but it became apparent that they had been taken captive somehow, and their only means of communication was via this strange world. They made mention of an Archfey known as the Maiden of the Moon, of whom it seemed there were several statues erected where once the temporal stasis fields had stood, although most of them had fallen into disrepair.

The search for answers went on for a short while, but eventually a much more unwelcome creature emerged in this strange environment. It appeared to be a shadowy reflection of the terrible spirit that Varis the Blight had called ‘Delanto’.

When physical combat proved meaningless against this nightmarish apparition, The Party moved to hoist a large mirror dropped by one of the statues, reflecting the moonlight from this illusory realm into a piercing blade of light that sliced through the shadowy beast.

With this challenge overcome, their fey acquaintances thanked them for their efforts, and informed them that while their situation may have changed while they were in this realm of dreams, that they would surely find a way to aid them.

The world around them seemed to fade away and The Party awoke as from a long night’s rest. Fortunately, they had also made it to the bottom of the Meteorite Fortress. Unfortunately, they were imprisoned by the facility’s new management.

The Party spoke briefly with a Warforged officer who they had encountered before while defending the Palace at Quondam. He indicated that after Varis’ failures, the Spiral Eclipse was now planning to pack up their research and abandon the Meteorite Fortress, but not until after they learned a bit more about The Party.

Strangely enough, The Party was in possession of all of their equipment, with the notable exception of the Timesplitter. However, the cell holding appeared to be bounded by some sort of magical field.

How will they escape from these sinister confines? What was up with that robot guy? Where are they going to get a new boat? Find out next time, on Fantastical Outerspace!

The Lightning Round
Heroes endure traps. Boat doesn't do so well.

Recordings Here

After their victory in the Deeproot duplicate workshop, The Party descended deeper into the Meteorite Fortress.

The second floor contained the living quarters for the assorted mercenaries employed by the Spiral Eclipse to make their raids on the Banished Crescent. The party descended upon the thuggish hired guns and an eccentric Orcish Chef while they were in the midst of a meal.

While the initial goonswarm seemed overwhelming, Frye let fly with a flaming arrow that cut through the cannon fodder. Meanwhile, the eccentric cook lobbed horrible concoctions in an effort to keep The Party at bay, but the kitchen staff was ultimately conquered with little trouble.

After raiding the personal stashes of the enemies and pilfering some suspicious condiments from the kitchen, The Party moved down to the ground floor of the Meteorite Fortress.

Heading down the hallway, Menkal and Vouivre were assaulted by a blast of flame from one of the nearby pipes, revealing a makeshift security measure installed in the hallway. With this trap revealed, Frye elected to take the long way around.

Throwing open the main doors on this floor revealed a large armory and blacksmith’s workplace. Throwing caution to the wind, Menkal and Vouivre approached the shiniest container of equipment and discovered yet another hastily-assembled booby trap. After the arcane trip-mine placed on this container flared up, several containers of weapons nearby revealed their true forms as clockwork automatons that spun like tops covered in swords. One of the pieces of siege equipment in the room also revealed itself as some sort of electrical animated ballista that fired arcane bolts at the group.

After learning a cautionary tale about barrels full of swords, the party elected to retreat back to town to recover their strength using the nearby front door. As they exited, they caught sight of the form of a Shadow Manta, a Planar Ship that had been used to drop troops of the Spiral Eclipse on the Lost Triad and Timescarred Dial. The ship moved into an opening on the Meteorite Fortress opposite where the Shadow Dragon had emerged the day before.

Not wishing to attract any attention from this vessel, the hiked to a safe distance before taking flight back to the Silme Cirith.

The next day, after taking care of selling some old equipment and treasures, they took flight on a direct course towards the Meteorite Fortress.

As they drew near, they saw the Shadow Manta departing again, cloaking itself as it departed. Seeing an opportunity to slip into their docks, they dove towards the Meteorite Fortress. However, the Shadow Manta‘s real intention was to pursue [[The Party]’s own vessel, and as they drew nearer to the top of the Fortress, the sinister ship decloaked behind them and opened fire.

Initially, The Party sought to out-maneuver the Shadow Manta, but they were unable to shake their pursuer. The ship deployed a stinger-like device that began using what appeared to be magic of the divination school, attempting to perfectly scry the location of The Party’s ship, despite the fact that the location seemed obvious to the pilots of that vessel.

A few rounds of maneuvering later, the true nature of this sinister spell was revealed, as the enemy ship’s true goal was gaining some sort of magic missile lock-on.

Sensing danger, The Party headed downward towards the top of of the Meteorite Fortress. As a swarm of mystical projectiles erupted from the Shadow Manta, the party leapt clear of their vessel at the last second, landing atop the enemy base as their ship was torn apart by an arcane Itano Circus.

The ominous ship still descending, The Party scrambled down the side of the meteor to one of the battlements, and Vouivre blasted down the shutter, allowing them once again into the 3rd floor of the structure.

Racing to the top floor, they found a pair of researchers manning a set of control panels and some familiar-looking arcane constructs working the docks. Charging towards their intellectual adversaries, Menkal found himself treading on a number of deadly electrified floor tiles, that seemed to be placed haphazardly throughout the room.

While his sudden advance prevented them from re-opening the docking bay doors, the paranoia resulting from the unknown locations of the electrified tiles made the combat unusually perilous.

The constructs, which looked like modified versions of the ones seen at The Foundry took up their construction tools and bombarded The Party with painful nail-shooting mechanisms. Meanwhile, the researchers who had manned the temporal distortion network grabbed any space-time manipulation contraptions they could get their hands on and turned them on the intruders.

While these attacks created a number of painful hindrances to the battle plans of The Party, neither were truly intended for battle, and they were quickly dispatched once their tricky tactics were overcome.

Once the last arcane researcher was dispatched and his constrictive TIME DIMENSION was dispelled, The Party at last had time to stop and catch their breath. However, with their ship shot down and unknown enemies lurking deeper within the Fortress, they were certain to encounter more dangers all too soon . . .

Team Meteortress
Crit (magic) missiles and headshot arrows do little to deter party

After resting in the Silme Cirith, The Party spent some time in town engaged in shadow dragon taxidermy and other amusing mercantile misadventures. Along the way, they learned that the jeweled headdress of the dragon they had slain was also a magical device designed to enable the beast to communicate telepathically with its’ home base. However, attempts to reactivate it only appeared to result in it being deactivated on the other end.

Returning to the crater at the end of the Banished Crescent‘s dead zone, the party landed and made a stealthy approach towards the massive rock. Closer inspection began to reveal its’ true nature as a stony facade around what was clearly a man-made fortification.

A band of mercenaries were treating the meteorite as a fortified installation while their apparently leader conversed with a returning band of Gnollish raiders.

The Party attempted to ambush these enemies at the gates, but the tide would not turn in their favor until after a fiery detonation by Vouivre and an electrifying assault by Frye would sweep the Gnollish minions off the field.

Later, Menkal would scale the battlements using the Timesplitter and endure a desperate final assault by a mercenary archer before leading the party to this third-story entrance.

Passing through the jagged stone exterior, the interior of the meteorite revealed it to be something like a larger-scale version of the drop-pods used by the Spiral Eclipse.

The first room they entered contained a workshop where the burrowing devices responsible for the expanding dead zone were lying about in various states of assembly. A single Eladrin researcher approached The Party and warned them that something sinister was lurking in the shadows.

Nikolai sighted one of the forms shifting through the dark, but even as he did, another approached from behind, thrusting forward with the ironic armament of a blade of light.

Sensing a familiar pattern to this intertwining of light and shadow, Nikolai was able to identify the shadowy creatures as a series of constructs based on the same principles as Iris Four.

While their attackers dealt heavy damage early on, The Party was eventually able to out-maneuver and overpower the Iris Series units. The Eladrin researcher also lent a hand in combat, hoping the party would rescue him from his forced servitude to the Spiral Eclipse.

Once the battle was over, the party learned that the researcher was being forced to create duplicates of a magical item known as the Deeproot. The root was being used to mimic the powers of a sentient tree of the Feywild that had an empathic bond to the plant life of the surrounding forest.

This magical bond was apparently being imitated as a means of targeting local plant life with the sinister time-distortion energies radiated by the meteor fortress. The power of this bond was being spread by lesser false roots installed by mercenary raiding parties.

The Deeproot was being held on the top floor of the meteorite in a powerful containment unit. Even if the main time distortion engine of the fortress, also located at its’ peak is shut down, a backup power source at its’ base would continue to keep the root under lock-down.

If both tasks were accomplished, the party could remove the Deeproot and shut down the facility completely. Taking the root would prevent them from having to deal with The Other Party when constructing the Hexelemental Drive. However, the Eladrin researcher, fearing the broad reach of the Spiral Eclipse instead wished the root to be destroyed.

To reward the party for this alternate course of action, he had prepared a device that would absorb the fey magics of the root and infuse them permanently into magic items carried by The Party, raising them to the next circle of enchantment. (In layman’s terms, a select few items could be raised from +1 to +2 or +2 to +3)

After hearing the party discuss amongst themselves as to whether he could truly be trusted, the researcher decided that rather than wait for a result, he would simply leap out the window and fey step his way towards freedom.


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