A secretive criminal organization that operates primarily in the Fey Realms. Danaus is known primarily for illegal magic item trafficking, especially in forbidden artifacts and things of that nature.

The insignia of the Danaus group is a monarch butterfly.

Story Involvement

According to Tertia Quattrocchi, Danaus was involved in the events on Epsilon Marut, including the kidnapping of Gimmelon Mikaelson. She also concluded that Raziela was in collusion with this organization.

The presence of constructs such as ERIS 6 and INDY 7, as well as their connection to the shard slayer group known as the Charademinds further cements the link between Danaus and followers of Vecna.

In FanOut Gaiden, the insignia of Danaus appeared in footage relating to the origins of Killroy’s sunblade, along with a woman who resembled Raziela.

Later, Cinderfall would hunt down The Party and use several Iris Series constructs to erase this information from the blade. He also attempted to erase The Party, but was far less successful.


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