The Charademinds are a group of Shardminds who have attained a unique mastery of their own forms, allowing them to reconfigure the many crystals that make up their being into a second stable form in addition to their humanoid one.

Charademinds wear specialized suits of armor that snap together when in this alternate form, allowing them to disguise themselves as inanimate objects or machines. Their own psychic abilities along with the enchantments in their armor allow the devices they disguise themselves as to function just as well as, if not better than the mechanisms they are mimicking.

For this reason, many Charademinds choose alternate forms that offer some added utility in combat, giving them additional options when in battle.

Charademinds are Shard Slayers, Shardminds who believe that the best way to defend against the Far Realm is to murder all other Shardminds, starting, of course, with those who are not Shard Slayers. Many Shard Slayers are devoted to Vecna, and the Charademinds do not appear to be an exception, given their apparent alignment with Danaus and Raziela.

Story Involvement

Two Charademinds, Foesnare and Forcehammer kidnapped Gimmelon Mikaelson from the Portal Academy and took him to Epsilon Marut.

After performing some sort of sinister interrogation, they took Gimmelon to the Marut Heliotrope Gate and transmitted their findings to the Arbalestas Gate.

While at the Marut Gate, their cloaked ship was discovered by The Party, who boarded it.

Despite getting the drop on The Party, these two were defeated in combat and destroyed by the Party Ship when they attempted to flee.

In Fantastical Outerspace Gaiden, the Charademind Cinderfall somehow pursued Fanout Gaiden Party into Quenya Caras. There, he ambushed them using Iris Series constructs in an effort to delete the data stored within their Sunblade. He would continue to harass them until his destruction near the edge of the city.

Later, they would encounter Moonstride within the Old Veronese Crypt. She expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the Charademinds, and sought to defect. This could mean that the Charademinds came to be aligned with Danaus recently.


I made Shardmind Transformers because I can.

All Charademinds are named after Arcane, Divine, or Psionic powers, because these also give them names that sometimes sound like 1980s cartoon villains.


Charademind Battle Anthem: JAM Project – Praise be to Decepticon


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