One of the Danaus organization’s Charademinds. Cinderfall’s armor allows him to assume the form of an ornithopter. He seems to be best equipped to rain down firebombs upon his enemies, but in practice, he seems just as likely to recklessly charge in to deliver blows with his burning fists.

Despite this daredevil streak, Cinderfall has no qualms about fleeing the scene the moment he feels that he is outgunned.

Story Involvement

Cinderfall somehow managed to pursue The Party to Quenya Caras. Using a fiery trap and a set of Iris Series contructs, he ambushed the group and destroyed the data stored within their Sunblade.

Following this, he sought to engage them in combat, but was swiftly repelled.

Throughout the remained of The Party’s adventures in the city, Cinderfall continued to disrupt and harass them, but each time his efforts were foiled.

After The Party defeated Kupola, Cinderfall returned with a metallic airship, which he used to destroy the remains of Kupola’s solar death ray.

Later that night, Cinderfall landed in a nearby forest to raise an army of undead beasts with which to besiege the palace in which The Party was resting.

The Party chose to vacate the castle via an ancient aqueduct, prompting Cinderfall to pursue them in his ship. Eventually, The Party would perform a series of daring maneuvers that would ground the vessel and pin down Cinderfall, putting a permanent end to his mission.


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