Doctor Zacharias Bunzinger


He was the apprentice engineer on the Starmount prior to the shipwreck. Over the years, he has gained prominence amongst his companions, and he is now more-or-less the leader of the loose confederation of arcane intellects that is the Gearspark Complex.

While predictably quirky and absent-minded, his dedication to the mission of escaping the vortex has been an inspiration to his colleagues.

Plot Involvement

After the assault on the Complex by Duergar Raiders with suspected ties to the Spiral Eclipse, one of the Doctor’s more outlandish hypotheses was proved correct. It involved creating a spatial tunneling mechanism that used elemental magical power to stabilize the energies of the vortex and allow the formation of a portal. The down side was that it would require a lot of MacGuffins to operate.

Following season one, Dr. Bunzinger was hired by the Portal Academy.


Dialogue Theme: Paper Mario: TTYD – Meet Professor Frankly

Name Significance

The Giant Robot from which Melody got her last name was “Bunzinger Z”. Thus I decided that her father should be “Z. Bunzinger”. Bunzinger is also a completely legit German last name, apparently. In Space Hunter Protojive, he was more or less analogous to a German Rocket Scientist who defected to the allies. Only instead of Rockets it was mecha and instead of Nazis it was some sort of Zeon equivalent.

Doctor Zacharias Bunzinger

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