Forlorn Rise


The Forlorn Rise was formerly a moral outpost in the Shadowfell. Eventually, the more nefarious forces of that dark plane sought to corrupt the portal leading to that outpost to allow a legion of the undead to pour into the natural world.

The settlers banded together to fight back against this scheme and in the struggle for control over the portal, something went horribly awry, causing a massive backlash that ripped much of the territory on the Shadowfell side of the portal off the face of reality, depositing it into the Prismatic Vortex.

Since then, the Shadegrasp Outpost has been a fixture in the Prismatic Vortex, defending its’ port against the creatures lurking in the dark lands to the south while trading a variety of rare and mysterious goods with the other islands of the Vortex.

It would not be until many years later that Shardmoon Castle would descend from the sky and crash-land in the mountains to the south.

Story Involvement

Thanks to a well-read individual at the Derelict Library, the party caught wind of the legend of Shardmoon Castle and came to the Rise in search of the legendary sword of light rumored to be resting within.

When they arrived, the found the Shadegrasp Outpost under siege by a mysterious army of zombies that appeared to endlessly restore itself night after night.

Following the clues gathered by Serkan Dolan, they set off towards Shardmoon Castle. Along the way, they would be ambushed by a gang of skeletal pirates that they would later suspect originated from the Mariner’s Mausoleum.

Due to their adventures, Shardmoon Castle would eventually depart from the Forlorn Rise. The Castle would float roughly a mile off the coast of the Rise before coming to a rest.

Forlorn Rise

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