Gearspark Complex


After the settlers of Starmount managed to reconstitute something resembling a normal life, there were still many who sought a means by which to escape from the Prismatic Vortex.

This gathering of mages and scientists eventually grew to the point where their assortment of space-time experiments became a danger to those around them.

Taking the initiative, Dr. Bunzinger led this cadre of quirky intellectuals out of the city to set up a (relatively) safe environment in which to pursue these ends on the outskirts of the town.

The complex, and the confederation of eccentric minds within has grown steadily since its’ foundation.

Story Involvement

The party visited the Complex often in the early part of their quest, seeking their aid in constructing an Astral Skiff in exchange for dealing with the goblins of Scrapthorn Valley.

Later, the Complex would come under assault by Duergar raiders seeking to seize the Epochite Shard known as the Cornerstone of Autumn. It was in the aftermath of this attack that the Complex would become the construction site of Dr. Bunzinger’s Hexelemental Drive Engine.

Gearspark Complex

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