Gimmelon Mikaelson


He was once an epic level Dwarven Artificer known as the “Gimmick King”. His sought-after epic destiny was to become a god and carve out a niche bridging the gap between Moradin’s love of fine craftsmanship and Ioun’s arcane intellectual pursuits.

While the initial goal was reached, things went south for Gimmelon when he sought to create his own domain in the Astral Sea. Whether due to his own haste and arrogance, or due to sabotage by some sinister outside force, his new realm collapsed in upon itself, forming the anomaly that would later become the Prismatic Vortex.

Gimmelon himself was nearly destroyed by the collapsing domain, but he managed to preserve a small spark of his existence in one of his own creations, sheltered deep in a small temple he had built to honor the gods that originally inspired him.

Story Involvement

Gimmelon was found by The Party in the Nameless Temple, where he had hidden himself from the spatial storms that savaged his domain. After disassembling the machine he had hidden himself in, they discovered his essence residing in a small metallic orb-like construct.

After season one, Gimmelon continued to unravel the mysteries of the Prismatic Vortex at the Portal Academy.

In season two, Gimmelon was abducted from the Portal Academy by Danaus operatives and taken to Epsilon Marut. He was later rescued by The Party from a nearby Heliotrope Gate, where the Charademinds were trying to extract knowledge from Gimmelon and transmit it to somewhere far across the galaxy.

Name Significance

Pretty much a backronym from ‘Gimmick’.

Gimmelon Mikaelson

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