Hexelemental Drive


A piece of arcane machinery designed to create a spatial distortion field using six different sources of elemental magic power. In addition to the traditional earth, water, wind, and fire magics, the Drive also employs a source of radiant and necrotic energy.

While this sort of elaborate mechanism is not normally necessary for creating a planar portal, the swirling elemental energies on the boundaries of the Prismatic Vortex make it impossible to stabilize a portal otherwise.

The theory behind the Hexelemental Drive was known around the Gearspark Complex as the ‘Bunzinger Hypothesis’ due to its’ enthusiastic promotion by [[Dr. Bunzinger|Doctor Zacharias Bunzinger]] and the lukewarm reception it received from his contemporaries.

Story Involvement

After the assault on the Gearspark Complex a vessel believed to belong to the Spiral Eclipse tunnels out of the Prismatic Vortex using what is believed to have been a Hexelemental Drive.

This re-invigorates [[Dr. Bunzinger|Doctor Zacharias Bunzinger]], leading him to request that the party seek out the magical artifacts necessary for its construction.

This rather cliché MacGuffin hunt has nevertheless yielded a number of intriguing artifacts

Hexelemental Drive

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