INDY-7 is a space-time distorting arcane construct similar to ERIS 6 and, by extension IRIS 42.

INDY-7 seems to have been developed to act as a counter-measure against parties of adventurers. He is the first construct in this series that appears to have a male persona.

Story Involvement

INDY-7 was deployed into a dungeon using a remote node cube, much like ERIS 6. The purpose of his deployment seemed to be to test his anti-adventurer capability and to familiarize him with live adventurers in a dungeon setting.

Overall, INDY-7 was less malicious than ERIS 6, freely discussing the predicaments and puzzles of the dungeon with The Party. However, he did eventually face them in combat, creating shadowy constructs from data collected on them.

The Party emerged victorious and destroyed the node, but INDY-7’s true self exists elsewhere.


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