Iron Bulwark


A totalitarian militaristic regime located on the border of the Empyrean Confederation near the United Kingdoms of Man. Founded approximately six years ago, the Bulwark began with a local government coup in an outer human colony.

The leader of this movement soon rallied a number of neighboring colonies to his cause with promises of protection from the harsh threats of the deep of space in exchange for their devotion to the Iron Bulwark and the Iron General for whom it stood.

Colonies and Untamed Worlds within their growing sphere of influence who did not choose allegiance to this new order were swiftly conquered in the name of Bane and the Bulwark.

Story Involvement

Troops from the Bulwark responded to the incident aboard the Pioneer 14 Research Station and clashed with The Party prior to their escape.

The Party would later be hired to help thwart the Bulwark’s invasion of Delta Rundaron IV.

In FanOut Gaiden, the Fanout Gaiden Party encountered some suspiciously well-equipped Goblins devoted to Bane. Adelmar Schermer suspected that they were scouts for a Bulwark Invasion force.

Later, it would be reveled that the Bulwark invasion had begun within the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion, with Bulwark forces backing the sudden resurgence of long-time Dominion, nemesis, Rostislav Valerian.

The Party would soon join the fight, mounting an aerial assault on the Starsending Tower, a communications center of the Dominion that had fallen to the invaders’ superior air power.

Fanout Gaiden Party would emerge victorious, but not before facing fighter airships, a devil-summoning Hobgoblin priestess of Bane, and a warforged strike team.

As the battle drew to a close, The Party was contacted directly by an enemy commander, Bazthur Caidin, who questioned The Party and spoke of his own reasons for fighting.


Commanding Officer Dialogue Theme: FFXIV – Imperial Will

Iron Bulwark

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