Melody Bunzinger


Doctor Bunzinger’s daugter, Melody was born and raised at the Gearspark Complex. She has an awesome robot dog.

Plot Involvement

Melody and Ferris were amongst the first characters our heroes encountered upon their arrival on Eyestorm Atoll, where they were hoping to salvage the remains of their vessel before the arrival of a goblin raiding party.

Later, Melody ran into the party in Catalina’s Asylum near Crossbones, where she had come to deliver supplies.

She would also help to deliver and operate their new Astral Skiff in the battle with N’moran’s Mindshell Nautilus.

Following season one, she would join the staff of the Portal Academy along with her father.


Dialogue Theme: Disgaea – You Go Girl


Melody is actually a character archetype I use in a lot of different things, as is Xavier Moreno. Hers is used primarily for wacky SCIENCE! characters. For instance, I used her concept for a Fallout 3 character specializing in repair and energy weapons. Her version of Shepard in Mass Effect would be an engineer.

Name Significance

The first instance of this archetype was actually an android given a musical name in homage to the Megaman naming scheme. Bunzinger was added in Space Hunter Protojive as a reference to a Giant Robot in another RPG Maker game.

Melody Bunzinger

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