Party Ship

This page is for requested features for the Party’s ship for the second season.


  • Runic Beam: Zephyr channels his runic power to deliever a beam of radiant/necrotic energy (maybe using a daily to do?)
  • Hammer Shot: Zephyr Hits a Piston that directs his attack to fire a cannon ball
  • Super Team Laser Deluxe? Some kind of teamwork beam/laser/shot/attack
  • Top and bottom mounted turrets, for killing things smaller than a capital ship
  • Cannons, for shooting at capital ships

Defensive Measures

  • Attack reflection/deflection system
  • Point Defense laser beams to shoot down incoming missiles

Sensor/Imaging Systems

  • Main View Screen w/ magnifications for multiple directions
  • Detection of people on Deck or Inside ship
  • Radar thing, perhaps using wisdom/intelligence or perception to detect ships and stuff


  • Smuggling compartment
  • Brig
  • *SECRET*War room with interactivet map and various captains’ hats
  • An awesome galley
  • Lab, for cool science stuff. Arcane and alchemical equipment
  • Living Quarters, each room labeled Captain (character name here). Contains ridiculously comfortable beds and stuff
  • Party room with small dance floor, magical orbs of music, minibar, small ice cream implement, and a really nice bed for those random elf-girl hookups :D

tEither with physical models and push sticks, or magical hologram systems


  • In order of preference: Tractor Beam/Grappling Hook/Harpoon
  • Fireman’s Pole with lockable hatch to get from the deck to below deck (If our ship has a deck)
  • Windows (Portholes) of escape for bailing in case of an emergency near a planet’s surface
  • Thin metal or magical barrier preventing ship from burning
  • A place for a wyvern sized creature to chill without bothering the party?
  • Small speedboat
  • Communicating orbs like those in the meteor
  • Elderly Russian mustachioed accented naval officer who resides in the bridge soley for the purpose of answering incoming Comm transmissions in a humorous manner

Party Ship

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