Prismatic Vortex


A spatial anomaly on the Astral Sea, in which bands of elemental magical energy radiate outwards from a spiraling vortex that draws in physical objects.

It is theorized to be a sort of twisted wormhole linking the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos directly. Rather than passing through the Natural World or a parallel plane, it instead seems to funnel matter down into the plane below while issuing forth brilliant displays of energy to the plane above.

In the middle of this anomaly is a relatively stable region of inter-planar space.

This area has served as a sort of cruel trap for planar travelers, since whether by planar portal or Astral Vessel, travel into the anomaly is easily accomplished, but travel out of it has proven nigh impossible.

Major Islands and Regions

Story Involvement

The vessel the party boarded at the beginning of the adventure was pushed off course during a raid by the Bloodsky Pirates, forcing both vessels to drift into the Vortex.

Since then, the adventurers have sought a means of escape. Along the way, they have discovered that many of the lands and persons present in the Vortex have been placed here as the result of planar portal accidents, botched banishment rituals, and other space-time mishaps.

Perhaps even more disturbing were those who appeared to have been forced into the Vortex as part of schemes and conspiracies concocted by their enemies.

Prismatic Vortex

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