Raziela the Shroud


A member of the Spiral Eclipse self-identified as the ‘Divine Knight of the Spiral Eclipse’. She is also a cleric of Vecna who has masqueraded as a member of a number of other religious orders.

Analysis by C Aysun indicates that she is, herself, undead, but the exact nature of her condition remains somewhat obfuscated. Her activities appear to consist of an interlocking collection of elaborate conspiracies using networks of spies tied to Vecna as well as operatives of the Spiral Eclipse itself.

Story Involvement

Raziela is believed to have masterminded the series of troubles that befell Shardmoon Castle. According to Egon Sonnen, she, under the guise of being a Cleric of Pelor, provided him with the Iridescent Blade used to slay Koray Darzi and banish the castle itself.

The blade was actually developed by artificers of the Spiral Eclipse as a means by which to hijack Shardmoon Castle and crash-land it on the Forlorn Rise in the Prismatic Vortex.

Raziela was also in contact with Koray Darzi directly through the Vecna spy ring he was secretly a double agent for. After setting her plans into motion she lured him into the trap to ensure that he was eliminated when Egon’s party entered the castle.

After the Castle landed on the Rise, Raziela observed the effects it had on the island while under the alias of ‘Raziela Amsel’, a supposed cleric of the Raven Queen at the Shadegrasp Outpost.

She seemed content to observe the rampancy of Iris Four until the party intervened, at which point she moved in to retrieve the data gathered by the artifact computer under the guise of leading a rescue team.

Her cover was eventually blown by Egon Sonnen, however, she had more than enough tricks up her sleeve to escape with what she came for.

Whether or not Raziela was also involved with the followers of Vecna who sabotaged the Shrine of the Abyssal Maelstrom remains unknown. Wait, what was her dialogue theme again?

According to Tertia, an apparent nemesis of Raziela, killing Raziela directly is largely unfulfilling. When questioned on this, she said that Raziela was a lich “or something”.

Furthermore, Tertia‘s disregard for the Spiral Eclipse beyond how it pertains to Raziela may indicate that their feud pre-dates Raziela’s involvement with that organization.

It would later be revealed that Raziela would use the data recovered from Iris Four to intentionally create an arcane computer to supervise the Death Spiral Machine. This would be dubbed the IRIS 42 system and it would cause all manner of trouble for The Party.

Near the conclusion of season 1, Raziela challenged The Party in battle along with Varis the Blight in the information center of the Death Spiral Machine.

While both were defeated, Raziela’s demise seemed decidedly less permanent, being consistent with the destruction of a lich’s physical form.

In Season 2, a painting of Raziela was seen in the Frederiksen Chateau, which is the location where The Party encountered ERIS 6, an apparent successor to Iris Four, or perhaps, more accurately, IRIS 42. This, along with Veaceslav Dalca possessing the Eye of Vecna, seems to imply that she has ties to the Danaus organization.

In FanOut Gaiden, That Party encountered INDY 7. It was implied by Moonstride that this series of entities was manufactured by Raziela following the events of FanOut Season 1.


Dialogue Theme: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Organ Pieces in C Minor Number Six Billion

Battle Theme: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Mirage Coordinator

Team Battle With Varis : Final Fantasy VIII – The Extreme

Cornered Theme: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – dreamenddischarger

Pointless Seacats-Related Commentary

Trollkastel Seal

Raziela was awarded Beato’s dialogue theme after proving herself a capable manipulator who the heroes found to be genuinely reprehensible. I believe it was suggested that I do this on the forums in an abstract way.

However, whenever I mentally picture Raziela, she reminds me a lot more of Bernkastel. In fact, a more adult-looking Bern with black hair and blue eyes is fairly close to my own mental picture of the character.

Raziela the Shroud

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