Scrapthorn Valley


The Scrapthorn Valley is a pass through the mountains to the southwest of Starmount and the Gearspark Complex. The region was infamous for being the home of the Scrapthorn Goblins who raided shipwrecks and passing travelers in the nearby region.

Due in large part to its’ residents, the valley had become a dumping ground for debris from planar vessels and misshapen contraptions forged from said debris.

In the depths of the valley there is a town square and a large garage-like complex which leads to a series of laboratories cut into the side of the canyon.

Story Involvement

The first major challenge faced by The Party was their assault on the valley, in which they braved an assortment of attackers, traps, and contraptions in order to reclaim what remained of their shipwrecked vessel.

After the defeat of the Scrapthorn Goblins, workers from the Gearspark Complex have attempted to re-salvage much of the technology seized by the valley’s denizens.

Scrapthorn Valley

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