Serkan Dolan


A revenant paladin of the Raven Queen, Serkan has suffered a great many setbacks on the road to his heroic destiny, such as being trapped in the Prismatic Vortex and . . . dying.

Story Involvement

A front-line fighter against the spreading zombie menace on the Forlorn Rise. While The Party found his tales to be full of boastful exaggerations, his claim to have won a duel with Crescentia Hargrave rang true.

It would later be revealed that she sought to test whether Shardmoon Castle still held the power to revive its’ inhabitants.

Serkan would be trapped beneath his own blade for the majority of the fight with Raziela the Shroud, but he would eventually recover.

He would later demand a rematch with Crescentia and lose. Follow his defeat, he has been forced to work as the castle’s temporary guardian until a permanent replacement can be hired.

Serkan Dolan

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