Silme Cirith


One of two major settlements on the Banished Crescent, the Silme Cirith was a center of trade and agriculture for the surrounding valley until its’ banishment. The spire from which Berrian Esgalelen once ruled the Demesnes still stands here.

Much like the Shadegrasp Outpost, this town has constructed a port on the edge of the isle to trade commodities unique to its’ environment with the other islands.

Story Involvement

The Party used this town both to gather information on the threats to the Banished Crescent as well as a place to rest and recover after expeditions to the Meteorite Fortress.

In the interim, they also attempted to market baked goods based on the strange state of the island.

The Other Party also visited the isle seeking to learn about any parallels between the corrpution found here and that which struck the Shrine of the Abyssal Maelstrom.t”to

Silme Cirith

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