Spiral Eclipse


The history and origins of the Spiral Eclipse remain largely unknown. It appears to be some sort of sinister organization with its’ sights set on the Prismatic Vortex.

Story Involvement

Agents of this organization are said to have been behind the initial attack and attempted theft of the Cornerstone of Autumn that initiated the adventure. However, the first adversary to claim allegiance with the group was the doppelganger agent who impersonated Brynmor Yates, a member of the party at the time.

Using information presumably gathered through this infiltrator, an assault was launched on the Gearspark Complex in which a band of Duergar Raiders led by a devilish woman seized the Cornerstone of Autumn and fled back to their large planar vessel, which then tunneled out of the Prismatic Vortex using what was suspected to be a Hexelemental Drive.

Another noteworthy agent is the self-described ‘Divine Knight of the Spiral Eclipse’, Raziela the Shroud, who allegedly orchestrated an elaborate conspiracy involving the Shardmoon Castle on the Forlorn Rise.

The Eclipse is also believed responsible for attacks on the Imperial City of Quondam on the Timescarred Dial, in which Rajender the Maelstrom stole the Scepter of the Emperor himself.

Agents where also seen clashing with cultists of Demogorgon on Drakefang Isle in the Lost Triad.

Eventually, the organization would reveal themselves as the primary threat facing the Prismatic Vortex with the appearance of the Battleship Tonare and the Death Spiral Machine. However, The Party would eventually overcome all of these challenges.

In season two, Ione Hearn suspected that elements within Heliotrope Road Inc may have been secretly supporting the Spiral Eclipse, but nothing concrete came of The Party’s investigation into this.

Spiral Eclipse

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