Tertia Quattrocchi


Apparently, she’s a rival to Raziela the Shroud across various points in space-time. May be a noblewoman of some sort, although she seems very informal, if not crass, most of the time.

Story Involvement

Tertia appeared on the Banished Crescent offering to lend The Party aid in exchange for using ammunition provided by her against Raziela.

She claims to have ‘killed’ Raziela before, but insisted that doing so was ultimately unsatisfying. She also seems to have an interest in Shardmoon Castle.

In season 2, Tertia still appears to be in pursuit of Raziela. Tertia has come to suspect her involvement with the Danaus group after severing a piece from a ship bearing their insignia.

According to Ione Hearn, she is a vampire.


Dialogue Theme (casual): Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Happy Maria! Instrumental


This character was originally just a one-off joke idea. Ha ha, Raziela reminds me of Bern so clearly she needs her own Lambda.

I was somewhat hesitant to ever actually use her, since the humor was largely irrelevant to the players. Over time, though, Tertia’s concept evolved from ‘lol seacats’ to having stronger ties to the existing lore and setting. Eventually, I decided that she was a sufficiently amusing story facilitator to actually let her in. After a few back-room cut-scenes, she set off to find The Party.

She also began to take on some quirks that drew inspiration from a series of other characters who aren’t a 34. Her goggles and means of transit reflect some of those influences.

Tertia Quattrocchi

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