Timescarred Dial


The Timescarred Dial is a perfectly circular island in the Prismatic Vortex. At the center of the Dial is the Imperial City of Quondam, the capital of an empire that was erased from the history of the natural world. However, the magical defense network of the city sought to guard itself against even the ravages of time itself, instead casting this copy of the capital here.

In addition to the capital city, the dial also brought with it the nearby town of Port Halloran and much of the dwarven mines in the nearby Starcleft Mountains. The unique position of these mines allowed for the construction of the Starcleft Skydock.

Story Involvement

Soon after arriving on the Dial, the party was caught up in the investigation of a bizarre assassination in Quondam, and their pursuit of the suspects would lead them down an underground passage towards the Starcleft Mountains. Their capture of the prime suspect would lead them back to the city, where they would soon be caught up in an effort to defend the Imperial Palace against a raid by the Spiral Eclipse. In the aftermath of this battle, they would also encounter a rival party of adventurers passing through the city.

Timescarred Dial

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