Xiphosura Kabuto


A powerful, alien entity from the Far Realm, known as the ‘Sovereign of the Firmament’ or simply as ‘The Dome’.

While most creatures from beyond the stars are perceived by mortals to be bringers of chaos and madness, Xiphosura Kabuto’s influence brings about meticulous order.

It is believed that Xiphosura Kabuto sees increasing entropy in the realm of mortals as a threat to its’ existence, and it seeks to spread order in whatever ways it is able. However, since Xiphosura Kabuto is aware of its’ own ignorance of the ways of mortals, it often leaves it up to the individual being influenced to decide what ‘order’ means.

This leads to some being driven to obsessive-compulsive madness, while others rise to become fearsome tyrants, empowered by this otherworldly force.

Story Involvement

Xiphosura Kabuto is the arch-nemesis of Party member Abba Leno. The influence of the entity on the world of Fantastical Outerspace Gaiden seems to be increasing. The meteorite that impacted outside of Layneworth is believed to have contained two emissaries and the entity known as Kupola.


Obviously the lore of Twitch Plays Pokemon is in play here, because I will "Yes, and . . . " pretty much anything.

I decided to take on the challenge of integrating a god-like entity that was both dome-themed and democracy themed into the D&D.

Hopefully, this plan will succeed.

Xiphosura Kabuto

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