Long ago in a distant land . . .

. . . an Internet Cartoon was discussed on an Internet Forum. Time went on and the Internet Cartoon passed away, but the Internet Forum remained.

From this forum, heroes set out in search of adventures in fantastical worlds. One of these worlds was to be a truly strange quest, reaching beyond the stars.

Time went further on and the Internet Forum passed away, but a another Forum Remained.

Time went on even further and the other Forum passed away, but the adventures beyond time and space continue.

Now the record of their quest is kept here.

But seriously . . .

Fantastical Outerspace is a campaign created for an Internet group that started on the Bonus Stage Forums. The original premise was something along the lines of, “Brand should totally make a campaign, it would be like Spelljammer all over again.”

Of course, in reality, I began my first DMing knowing very little about Spelljammer and even less about how to DM well. However, in spite of this, our “D&D . . .in SPACE!” adventure has continued onward, bringing about much wackiness and amusement.

Fantastical Outerspace

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