Fantastical Outerspace

Keep on Truckin'

A Pickup, a Shardmind, and You

Outer Space Century 105.08.01

Several months have passed since the liberation of the Prismatic Vortex.

While The Party was never able to deliver the message and research materials from their Professor friend back home, he still received a reply from the strange dimensional location known as the Portal Academy.

Within this message was a request from the Academy’s apparent Dean, Ione Hearn, who wished to speak with any members who were interested about an unusual finding in her study of the Prismatic Vortex incident.

In response, Menkal, Vouivre, and Mowgli departed from their homeworld of Morad in the Zeta Rundaron system on a re-routed Sub-Astral vessel to travel to the proposed meeting place, a refueling station in a system called Delta Remor.

It was here, at a sort of fantastical inter-planetary truck stop, that The Party met up with Kel Molaes, a friend of Nikolai Kislokov and a highly skilled but practically inexperienced fellow called Zephyr.

Eventually, The Party would be sought out by Nilima, an assistant of Ione Hearn who offered to lead them to her ship for a private meeting. Despite some suspicion, the party agreed to meet with the eccentric academic.

Ione explained that, after taking Dr. Bunzinger and Melody into her employ, she had the opportunity to study some of the information gathered within the Death Spiral Machine. She seemed very worried that the design of the Spiral Eclipse hardware resembled that of deep space exploration vessels developed by Heliotrope Road Inc, a space-travel business that she had spent many years running before retiring to her current academic post.

Fearing that someone within her old company may have been funding and supporting the Spiral Eclipse, she had conducted an investigation and discovered an exploration outpost that, according to official records, was offline, but that was still receiving shipments of supplies.

As the galaxy’s only experts on the sinister schemes of the Spiral Eclipse, she hoped to hire The Party to investigate this mystery.

To aid them in their mission, she sought to provide a skilled psion to help provide faster-than-light communications across the stars. The new ally who presented himself was a mysterious figure called Khal’Ydra, who seemed to have his own missions he wished to pursue.

With the team assembled, Ione informed them that a ship that was more or less a supply truck would be stopping by on the way to the phantom station, and that the driver, Tordek Skyforge was more than willing to help The Party reach their destination.

Boarding Tordek’s truck, they set off for Eta Fomoran, where the Pioneer 14 Research Station was in orbit.

On their way there, they discovered an incomplete exploration vessel drifting silently away from the station. The tragic fate of the crew seemed to indicate a complete life support failure as a result of launching an untested ship.

Landing on the station, the artificial satellite seemed abandoned. Exploring deeper within, The Party found evidence of a battle. Six Heliotrope security guards had been killed and something had tunneled up into the room from the asteroid-like rock beneath the station.

Upon closer inspection, the tunnel appeared to lead into open space at the station’s bottom.

A room nearby appeared to be intended to store weapons and armor, but the invaders had apparently ransacked it for anything of value.

The door leading deeper within was sealed with a bizarre locking mechanism that appears to have been designed to play cruel pranks upon any who seek entry. After it mocked The Party’s lock-picking efforts with combustible confetti, a brute force method was deployed.

With the door broken down, The Party saw a pair of monstrous individuals tearing parts from a pair of large arcane constructs. It looked like a battle was about to ensue . . .



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