Fantastical Outerspace


Brief Summary Edition

In this series of episodes, The Party proceeded further across the IRIS 42 system’s recreation of the Prismatic Vortex.

On the digital copy of the Lost Triad, a show-down with the Bloodsky Pirates in Shipwreck Quay panned out much as it had before, while a the simplified version of the Shrine of the Abyssal Maelstrom required stealth, zombie-slaying, and artillery skills.

The digital version of the Banished Crescent demanded a more unusual task of our heroes. Recreations of Everard’s troops at the Meteorite Fortress challenged them to a puzzling showdown using Small Bombs, but the The Party was able to adapt to the peculiar situation and triumph.

The digital version of the Sky Palace Temple appeared unfinished, and IRIS 42 seemed eager to shepherd them to the final level of the digital dungeon . . .



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