Fantastical Outerspace


Boss Rush

In the center of the IRIS 42 system’s version of the Prismatic Vortex was an ominous tower resembling the Death Spiral Machine.

What lay inside however was a whole other digital domain featuring all manner of creature from throughout the digital vortex along a path leading towards the heart of the system.

The Party found themselves in a running battle along this bridge through the digital sky which culminated in an appearance from a somewhat comical looking dragon, which was driven from the pathway, sending it down in its’ own flames.

At the road’s end was a facility where the party had a chance to catch their breath, and beyond that was the apparent core of the system. It was here that they would do battle with digital re-creations of the Knights of the Spiral Eclipse .

After besting them, The Party activated a secret over-ride system, prompting hostilities from IRIS 42 herself as they transferred back to reality.

However, escaping from the IRIS 42 was not sufficient to rescue The Party from its’ attacks. They were instead, teleported directly into the core of the Death Spiral Machine information center, where the IRIS 42 system sought to end their quest by more physical means.

Frye continued to seek ways to reach out to the intelligence within the machine, but it seemed that its’ hostilities were in part due to severe restrictions placed upon its’ free will by Raziela. The Party fought on, eventually destroying the core.



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