Fantastical Outerspace

Upward Spiral Part 1

Life's a banjo, then you die

Free once more to mount their attack on the Death Spiral Machine, The Party emerges behind enemy lines from the core of the information center, making quick work of the largely unprepared researchers and scholars of the Spiral Eclipse.

After gathering some intel on the sinister plots the organization had in store for the world, they proceeded onward and ran into a far more well-prepared set of combatants.

Varis the Blight and Raziela the Shroud confronted The Party at the top of the information center and challenged them to a final showdown.

While at first it seemed that The Party might quickly dispatch Raziela. Menkal lashed out with a mighty sequence of strikes and Frye landed one of Tertia’s custom arrows. However, a series of illusions and other devious tactics would prolong the battle, giving Varis time to wear The Party down with a crushing onslaught of brutal blows.

Eventually, only Vouivre would be left standing to fire the final shot to bring Varis down for good. After a desperate rush to help The Party recover, the remains of their enemies were studied. While Varis appeared to be quite dead, Raziela‘s spontaneous combustion seemed consistent with the ’death’ of a Lich . . .



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