Fantastical Outerspace

Upward Spiral Part 2

See you Space Cowboy...

On the floor above the Information Center, the The Party encountered Akutan the Cannonade and Everard the Rampart guarding the Tactical Control level.

Without any troops to command (or hide behind), the duo instead relied on traps and other guerrilla tactics to hold their own against The Party.

Ultimately, though, Akutan was banished back to her home plane and Everard used his last bit of strategic planning to broker a last-second cease-fire, netting The Party another victory.

Proceeding further towards the top of the Death Spiral Machine, The Party received an ominous, if somewhat confusing message from Rajender the Maelstrom, declaring his intent to re-write the rules of time and space through some arcane means.

Undaunted by his strange rantings, The Party reached the drive citadel at the top floor of the towering ship and confronted Rajender, who after exhausting his reserve of villainous monologues, deployed the Divine Mechanoid Vortemplar.

After a hard-fought battle against Vortemplar, The Party felled the machine only to have Rajender emerge from within, wrapped in a strange aura that seemed to have a life of its’ own.

Nikolai Kislokov watched the battle-worn Rajender carefully for the moment to strike, and when the opportunity presented itself, he charged in to deliver the final blow that would cause the strange energies around the mysterious figure to consume his form, erasing him from existence . . . or so it appeared.

As the Death Spiral Machine began to collapse, The Party quickly raided a treasure vault and then began to rush downstairs when the distorted form of the broken Vortemplar broke through a hole in reality and began to desperate claw its’ way towards them, crying out in a twisted rendition of Rajender’s voice.

After driving the corrupted construct from the edge of the platform upon which they traveled, The Party descended to the Tactical Control floor, which was already being consumed by space-time distortion. Out of one of these anomalies, the horrendous form of the Vortemplar emerged again, in a desperate last bid to attack The Party, but before it could strike, The Party‘s own vessel tunneled through the distorted exterior of the tower tore its’ way into the room, crushing the magitechnological horror.

The Party scrambled aboard the vessel and raced out of the collapsing tower, sailing out into the open sky as the Prismatic Vortex gave way to the serene surface of the Astral Sea.



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