An immense artificial entity resembling at least the upper portion of a humanoid skeleton. Since Baleframe was only ever seen emerging from the Shadowfell Portal at the bottom of the Old Veronese Crypt, it is uncertain whether it has a lower half, or, if it does, what that lower half consists of.

Baleframe consists of a dark metallic framework covered in shards of a marble-like stone, effectively making that framework the skeleton of the skeleton.

While this wiki does not classify Baleframe as a Super Robot, the material used to form the outer shell of Baleframe appears to resemble the marble-like exterior of the Divine Mechanoid Vortemplar.

Story Involvement

Baleframe was deployed as part of a mission parallel to the one conducted in the Old Veronese Crypt. Forces, presumably allied with Vecna and Danaus invaded a similar Crypt within the Shadowfell and secured the other side of the portal located in the depths of the Crypt.

When it became apparent that Jamshid Rostam had failed in his mission, Baleframe was deployed as a last resort to wipe out anyone in the vicinity of the Old Veronese Crypt.

Fortunately, The Party was able to shut the portal down and destroy the portion of Baleframe that remained on their side.


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