Bazthur Caidin


A high-ranking officer who claims to be known as the Black Turtle of the Iron Bulwark.

He views arcane constructs created by mortals as the next generation of creation, and seems to resent that they are forced to fight for the causes of mortals, just as mortals have been forced to fight for the causes of the gods.

He claims to serve Bane not out of piety, but simply because he believes Bane has the best chances of defeating the other gods.

Does he truly hope carve out a place for free robots in the wake of Bane’s conquest? Only time will tell . . .

Story Involvement

Caidin is part of the force that has invaded the world where FanOut Gaiden takes place.

Caidin contacted The Party after their victory at the Starsending Tower, questioning their reason for fighting, and revealing his own.

Bazthur Caidin

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