Galinndan Parma


A high-ranking member of the Dragon’s Eye, but one who is still very active in field work. He could easily come off as the stuffy nobleman sort, but seems to have a strong emotional connection with the downtrodden of Layneworth.

Story Involvement

Galinndan was on the scene after the battle with the Emissary of Xiphosura.

He also appeared during the investigation at the Whimsymines, where he proved capable at analyzing arcane effects and enchantments, but he has thus far been unable to unravel the mystery of what happened there.

Galinndan and Thava Oshiro helped to hide away Corona in a secret wing of the university hospital following a near-fatal attack by Vanilla Slice. They spread the cover story that she had been killed.

While most believe that the attack on the LADR was the work of the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion, Galinndan believes that it was part of an attempt to cover-up secret knowledge spread by The Party.

Recent evidence brought to him by The Party have him theorizing that the incident at the Whimsymines, the attack on the LADR, and the attack by Cinderfall are all being orchestrated by some sinister group with ties to Vecna.

He also revealed to Abba that the inert thread left by the emissary of Xiphosura Kabuto had been reactivated by some unknown force.

Galinndan Parma

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