Ione Hearn


An Eladrin woman who was the former CEO of Heliotrope Road Inc. She how operates the inter-dimensional educational enterprise known as the Portal Academy.

Outside of her public role, Ione is a high-ranking member of the covert investigation organization known as the Black Eyes.

Plot Involvement

Her advice as originally sought by a friend of The Party prior to the events of Fantastical Outerspace Season 1. She has also been revealed as the one who originally sought the shipment of the Cornerstone of Autumn across the Astral Sea, an act for which she has apologized to The Party due to the rather severe unintended consequences.

Fearing that forces within Heliotrope Road Inc may have been involved with the Spiral Eclipse, she sought the aid of The Party at the start of Season 2. She later contacted them regarding the kidnapping of Gimmelon Mikaelson.

After the events on Epsilon Marut, Ione reveals her involvement with the Black Eyes. She also reveals that her true motives come not merely from her concern over the Prismatic Vortex and Heliotrope Road Inc, but from her counter-intelligence mission to thwart space conspiracies, especially those involving followers of Vecna.

Ione Hearn

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