An entity that serves Xiphosura Kabuto.

The teachings followed by Abba Leno name Kupola as a false prophet, who seeks to lead the people of the world astray.

Story Involvement

According to Corona, Kupola arrived on the meteorite that landed outside of Layneworth and headed northeast into the forest.

Later, Kairon Von Brandt was able to use Steel Star One to track Kupola’s unique energy signature from space. However, two signals were detected. One was in Eryn-Ost, and the other originated from near where the lost city of Quenya Caras was believed to have existed.

When The Party arrived in Eryn-Ost, they found Kupola, or some aspect thereof in the home of Domnall Sheridan. It appeared that Kupola had lead him to Quenya Caras in exchange for his having become a Steward of Xiphosura.

A greater aspect of Kupola would later appear on the highest floor of the palace in the center of Quenya Caras. This time, Kupola discussed cryptic astronomical matters, including a strange tale that almost seemed to imply that Tiamat was burning forever within the sun over the world. In the ensuing battle, Kupola used intense otherworldly fire and bewitching psychic powers, but The Party eventually turned the tide of battle. With Kupola on the defensive, Abba would see to it that not even a fragment of this incarnation would escape.

The Party would later encounter Kupola while visiting the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion, or rather, the would encounter Kupola within an extra-dimensional space created there.

This time, they would deal with Lena Kazbek, another Steward of Xiphosura. Kupola appeared occasionally within the space, attempting to discuss matters with The Party. However, the group’s patience for Kupola was rapidly running out.


Kupola has two very direct inspirations. One is obviously the idea of Flareon as the false prophet of the dome in the Twitch Plays lore. The other is Kyubey, from the Madoka Magica anime.

‘Kupola’ actually means ‘dome’.


Aspect of Kupola Dialogue Theme: Madoka Magica – Sis Puella Magica

Greater Aspect of Kupola Dialogue Theme: Kill la Kill – Blumenkranz

Combat – Steward of Xiphosura: Madoka Magica – A Duel with a Witch


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