According to most, Sir Mineswell is the entirely fictional gentleman skeleton mascot of the Whimsymines. However, according to a talking skull within This Ride, he is some sort of terrible Skull King.

Story Involvement

During The Party’s visit to the Whimsymines, they visited the ride called The Keep of Horrors-The Tomb on the Shadowfell along with Sinikka Takala.

In one room, Sinikka found an odd skull that tried to possess and abduct her, all while claiming to be the ‘true’ Mineswell.

After the skull was crushed by Abba Leno, the entity returned as a ‘Ghost Skull King’ to threaten The Party, claiming that they have ruined his plans to return to power.

However, when The Party returned to investigate This Ride later with the Dragon’s Eye and Elgretor Warstout, doubts began to arise as to what aspects of this entity, if any, were real.

Another apparition resembling Mineswell appeared in the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion, shortly before the an Invisible attacker made an appearance.


Battle (Whimsymines): Killer Instinct 2013 – Theme of Spinal

Battle (Whimsymines): (Alt): Wind Waker – Phantom Ganon Battle

Dialogue – Casual (Post-Whimsymines): Undertale – James Roach – Fibulafight


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