Old Veronese Crypt


An old crypt located in the abandoned town of Old Veronese. Beneath the crypt proper lies the old meeting hall of the Riverboat Guild. Further below that lies a system of caverns that reach further downward towards the Underdark.

Deep within these caverns, a portal to the Shadowfell can be found.

Minions of Orcus would occasionally rise from below to occupy the upper levels of the crypt, and battling them back down into the darkness was seen as a task by which the young warriors of New Veronese would prove their might.

Story Involvement

When a mysterious third party appeared and claimed to have wiped out the sinister forces lurking within the Crypt, The Party was called on to investigate.

The Crypt’s old undead occupants had, indeed, been assassinated, but all was not well. The Party would soon have to contend with the deceptions of Jamshid Rostam, puzzles left by the old Riverboat Guild, and some undead new arrivals.

Below this, they would discover ruins that had been shaped into a treacherous maze by INDY 7, an intriguing encounter with Moonstride, and a clash with a INDY 7.

Upon arriving a the portal proper, The Party would do battle for the last time with Jamshid Rostam before facing the deadly power of Baleframe.

With the presence of one of the Charademinds, rival necromancers, and a successor machine to IRIS 42, it soon became clear that forces aligned with Vecna, and most likely, the Danaus group, and sought to seize the Crypt and its’ portal as part of some sinister scheme.

Old Veronese Crypt

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