Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion


A nation that rose from the ashes of the First Thaumaterigcal Dominion, an oppressive kingdom ruled by powerful mages. When the people arose in rebellion against them, they vowed that never again would magic remain only in the hands of the elites.

Their methods for achieving this, however, are quite authoritarian, as all citizens are now required by law to practice the arcane arts.

War broke out between the Second Dominion and Layneworth roughly 15 years before the campaign began. This war ended suddenly when an event known as the Dragonstorm occurred.

Story Involvement

Kairon Von Brandt believes that the Second Dominion has already launched a satellite into orbit around the world, and that they are trying to sabotage his efforts to do the same.

Later, The Party discovered a downed Satellite near the Church of the Helix that appeared to be of Dominion origin.

Rumors also began to circulate that the ongoing conflict between the Dominion and their old enemy Rostislav Valerian had begun heating up. Adelmar Schermer fears that Rostislav Valerian is receiving support from the Iron Bulwark, but lacks any hard evidence of their involvement. This is due, in part, to the Dominion’s own secrecy.

Eventually, The Party would travel to the border of the Dominion themselves to investigate the situation. After a tense encounter with the border guards, they revealed that they had knowledge of the Iron Bulwark and Xiphosura Kabuto that may prove useful to them.

The Dominion may be willing to work together with The Party to a certain extent, offering to restore some of the functionality of their Airship. The will most likely be escorted by Mialee Naruvir.

Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion

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